1990 Volvo 745 2.3 Turbo



Tomas Gye

Tomas Gye Back Tomas Gye FrontSide 1 Label Side 2 Label Side A Lyrics Sheet Side B Lyric SheetI recently bought this Tomas Guy record at an estate sale in mid Michigan for 1.00, I didn’t have any internet connection on my phone at this sale, so I didn’t know this is a super rare 1976 private pressing release. I thought the cover was weird enough to purchase, so I did. unfortunately this record had a incident with some moisture at some point and the lower 1/3 of the cover is a bit damaged, but the vinyl is in EX shape and plays very very nice and looks like it hasn’t been played much in its life to begin with, so I guess that’s the important part(the vinyl).

Voice of Music 560A Record Player 1956

Here is my wonderful 1956 Voice of Music record player. I love the button on the front, it’s part of the badging, it where the “VM”  There are usually legs on this model, but mine has no legs to stand on. I’ll have to keep an eye out for some nice legs to attach to the VoM. Anyone with useful info or has one too, please leave a comment/pics.


20140912_114619 20140912_114511

Rolling Piss-Ants record cover, what is is!?!?

Hello All,
It’s been awhile since my last post…per usual. Ok, I found this at an estate sale and it had a Lawerence Welk record in it, but I put that in a cover without a record in it. I searched online at Discogs, Popsike and in general and nothing came up. Is it a bootleg? Do you know anything about this? If so, please fill me in, I’d appreciate it. Rolling Piss-ants cover1

Denon 800 Cypher Reel to Reel

I picked this up at a Goodwill I used to work at a few years back . It does power on, but I haven’t done much else. Then I heard that with old tube equipment, you shouldn’t just plug in and fire her up, but rather do some sort of slow build up with a variable voltage thingie. I found something I think it a poor mans varible thingie, but I’m sure it’s not what I’m supposed to use at state sale for 1 dollar, I should have bought the other one as well, oh well. Anyways, if anyone has one of these behemoth beauties leave a comment as these Denon 800’s seem to be pretty rare or at least as far as info goes online.

Denon 800 Cypher tube reel to reel mid to late 1960's

Denon 800 Cypher tube reel to reel mid to late 1960’s

Bad Luck N’ Trouble on Arhoolie F-1018

Bad Luck N' Trouble

The New and all Around Better Live Recordings List

OK, here is my new and hopefully more complete list of live recordings,demos,outtakes, documentary’s and other forms of unreleased music related material. this is not finished, so come back again and check out the list again. I’m new to the blog business, so forgive me my ignorance. I might at some point post some live recordings or songs that I like, but they will be in flac form, so as to keep the quality in the best form for as long as possible as I know I will not have any way of keeping people from compressing it after they get it, but I would appreciate it if you do compress it into a lossy format, please keep it to yourself for your own playing, but even posting music is not a sure thing.
I do trade and transfer old cassettes to cdr for people, so if you have some nice juicy live or demo recordings that have been sitting in that box in the basement for 20+ years, drop me an email and lets talk about it.

I may post my own live recordings too, I’m going to see the Meat Puppets in a couple weeks i Teaneck, N.J. and record them, so I might post that here and see how it goes.


* = Not available currently

* = Not avaible currently

100 Flowers
1982-10-15 Anti Club, Hollywood, CA Aud (Chris BCT)

13th Floor Elevators
1966-09-30 Avalon Ballroom, S.F. + Aumpin’ Else 1cd/Sbd/A-
2007/??/?? NYC

16 Horse Power *(not avaible currently)
1996-03-17 The Fox, Denver, CO 1cd/Sbd/A
2002-09-02 unknown venue, Goteborg,Sweden 1cd/FM/A

23 Skidoo
1982-08-10 Bruxelles, Belgium Live sdtrk for the movie “Teilt” 1cd/Aud/B- *?
1982-08-29 Brixton Ritzy Cinema, Brixton W.S. Burroughs Tribute show 1 long improv 1cd/Aud/B- *?
1982-xx-xx unknown venue, Salford, UK 1cd/Aud/B- *
1984-xx-xx Aorta Club, Amsterdam, NL 1cd/FM/B+ *
2000-09-16 “Mixing It” BBC 1cd/FM/B+

45 Grave
1980-09-15 Hong Kong Cafe, Los Angeles 1cd/Aud/B- *
1981-03-24 Starwood, Hollywood, CA 1cd/Sbd/B+ *
1981-09-20 Press Club, Los Angeles 1cd/Sbd/B+ *
1982-xx-xx Rik Agnew Demos 1cd/Sbd/B *?
1983?-xx-xx unknown venue, Escondido, CA 1cd/Sbd/B+ *
1984-10-10 Paychecks Lounge, Hamtramck[within Detroit], MI 55/Aud1/A- (very nice aud recording, some tink it is a soundboard,but it isn’t)
1984-10-31 Fenders, Long Beach, CA 60/Aud1/B
1985-06-22 Fenders, Long Beach, CA 60/Aud1/B
1988-07-01 Raji’s, Hollywood, CA 1cd/Sbd/A- *

8 Eyed Spy *
1980-xx-xx Max’s?, NYC 1cd/Sbd/A-

**************************** AAAAAA Bands *******************************
A Certain Ratio *
1979-10-17 Peel Session 20/FM/B+
1979-xx-xx “Graveyard & Ballroom” 1cd/Sbd/B+
1980-02-20 Town Hall, High Wycomb, UK 1cd/AudM remastered/A-
1980-04-19 BBC Broadcast 1cd/FM/B+
1980-12-13 Hal4, Rotterdam, NL 1cd/Sbd/A-
1981-03-27 North London Polytechnic, London 1cd/Aud/C+
1981-06-21 University of Birmingham, UK 1cd/Aud/B-
1981-09-xx Mr.Pickwicks, Liverpool 1cd/Sbd/B
+1981-09-07 Heaven Ultra Disco,London 1cd/AudM/A- DuncanH master rec’d
1981-11-06 unknown venue, Manchester 1cd/Aud/B-
+1982-11-07 London Lyceum 60?/Aud Master/B+
1982-12-10 Cabaret Metro, Chicago 1cd/Aud/B

+1979-80 Various live 1cd/Aud & Aud/B/B+ (also have a vcd of live Abwaerts)

1980-01-25 Mayfair, Newcastle, UK 1cd/Aud/B
1976-1980 BBC Broadcasts 1cd/FM/A-

Achim Reichel
1973-10-20 Koln 1cd/FM/A-

Acid Mother Temple *
2003-11-xx The Loft, Berlin 23/DuadM/B+
2004-06-04 Berbaties, Portland, OR 2cdr/AudM/B+

Adrian Belew
*1984-09-10 Bottom Line, N.Y.C. 90/Aud/B
+1983-09-23 in the middle of West 48th street @ Lunchtime,NYC 45/Aud/B Electro-Harmonix demonstration w/Music & Questions & Answers

Aerial M
1998-03-03 BBC Session 20/Digital Broadcast MP2/A can be converted to wav great stuff!
Africa Bamabaata
1982-10-02 Penrods?, Ft.Lauderdale, FL 1cd/Aud1/B

Agent Orange
1986-07-31 Greystone Hall,Detroit 1cd/AudM>cdr/A-/B+

Al Green
1973 WNET Studios, N.Y.C. 1cd/Sbd/TV/B+

2001-07-21 The Balcony Bar, Philadelphia 1cd/DATM>cdr/B+
2003-02-02 Club Spy, San Jose, CA 1cd/AudM>cdr/A-/B+ Altamonts set blends into the Melvins set

Altered Images
1981-04-10 Peel Session 20/Digital BBC Broadcast in MP2/A can be converted to wav/flac, but still willbe lossy

Ama Dots
1980? Demos 10/Sbd/C I bought this at FBC in East Lansing,MI in 1982 ro so and the tape has degraded pretty bad ie. Cheap Tape

Angelic Upstarts
1983-01-xx Larry’s Hideaway, Toronto 1cd/FM/A-

Angry Red Planet
1984-04-15 WDET-FM Studio, Detroit FM1 40/FM1/A-
1988? “Give Me A Shovel” demos 1cd/Sbd/B+

Angry Samoans *
1981-06-14 Dawb Studio Club?, N.Y.C. sbd/A-
1983? Demos

Anima Sound System
2002-03-16 Backpackers, Budapest, Hungery 1cd/SbdM/A

Anson Funderbrurgh
1988 Austin,Texass 30/FM/A

Anti Nowhere League *
1983-06-25 Peppermint Lounge, N.Y.C. 1cd/AudM/B

Aphex Twin/AFX
1995-xx-xx Unreleased LP Analogue Bubblebath 5 Rephlex CAT034EP (Vinyl Test Pressing Only) 1cd/Sbd/A+

Arab On Radar *
2001-06-28 Brooklyn,NY *
2002-02-23 Boston,MA *
2002-07-12 Lava House, Louisville, KY 1cd/Aud/B *

Archers of Loaf 1998-11-02 Showbox, Seattle 1cd/Sbd/A *

Art Bears
1979-04-16 unknown venue, Chareville, France 1cd/Aud/B “A Song About Love”
1980-05-01 unknown venue, Milano,Italy 1cd/Aud/B “A Song About Love”

Articles of Faith
1979-1985 Various Live & Alt Mixes(demos?) 60/Sbd/A-/B+ Chris BCT cass transfer
1983-11-05 Greystone Hall, Detroit Aud1

Art Zoyd
1980-04-18 Reims, France

1980-xx-xx Demos *
1981-01-10 Gigant, Apeldoorn FM (2 source 4-5 each) 50min/FM/A-
1981-04-28 Peel Session
1982-04-19 Peel Session

1982-08-2x Reggae Sunsplash, Kingston?,Jamaica 35?/Sbd/A-

Athletico Spizz80
1980-04-xx Kant Kino, Berlin 1cd/Aud/B-
1980-12-05 Mabuhay GArdens, S.F. 1cd/Sbd-FM/A-

2005-05-25 The PArrish, Austin, Texass 87/DATM/A-

Azusa Plane
1998-04-17 Terrastock II, S.F. 1cd/ FM/A-
1999-08-27 Terrastock III, S.F. 1cd/AudM/B+

——————— BBBBBBBB ——————————

1978-xx-xx Downtown Cafe, Atlanta 1cd/?? > 2xLP Boot > Flac>wav/B/B+ (also have a 1978 B&W video in ATL)
1979-08-24 Berklee Perf. Center,Boston 1cd/Pre? FM/B+ (playd with T.Heads, I’ve pre fm of that too)
1979-11-17 Paradiso, Amsterdam 35/FM/A
1981-xx-xx Toads Place, New Haven, CT 30/Aud1/B
1982-11-25 Montego Bay, Jamaica 35/Sbd/A
2003-xx-xx Florida 1cd/SbdM/A

Bad Brains *not availible / +availible
1979-02-xx Max’s,N.Y.C. 45/Sbs/B
1981-02-25 CBGB, N.Y.C. 1cd/Sbd/B
1981-xx-xx Peppermint Lounge, N.Y.C. 30/??/B-
1981-12-26 CBGBcdr/B+ Notsaved recording

The Bags*
1978-02-05 Troubadour, Los, Angeles 1cd/Aud/B-

Bailter Space*
1992-xx-xx Peel Session

Syd Barret*
1966 “Vegtable Man LP boot
1966 “Magnesium Proverbs” bootleg
1974 “Last Recording Sessions”

Basement 5
1981-04-11 Paard Van Troje, The Hague,NL sbd/B
1981-04-12 Vera Club, Groningen,NL sbd/B+ both fit on 1cdr

1979 Demos 30/Sbd/B+ not much enthusiasm
1979-03-29 SO36, Berlin 1cd/AudM/B
1980-05-22 unknown venue,Rotterdam 1cd/Aud/B
1980-11-25 Rattinger Hof, Dusseldorf 1cd/Aud/B
1980-11-26 SO36, Berlin 1cd/AudM/B+
1981-11-28 Germany 1cd/AudM or Aud1/B+ (have info somewhere)
1981-11-30 Markthalle, hamburg 1cd/Aud1/B+
1982-05-xx Paris 2cd/FM/B includes interview
1982-12-04 Larry’s Hideaway, Toronto 1cd/FM1/A
1982-12-07 Cabaret Metro, Chicago 1cd/Aud/B/B-
1982-12-09 Minneapolis, MN 1cd/Aud1/B-
1982-12-15 Old Waldorf,San Francisco 1cd/Sbd/B+
1983-06-06 Tiffanys, Glasgow 1cd/FM broadcast/B+ not the boot ‘In Fear Of Fear’ CD
2005-10-23 Roseland Theatre, Portland,OR 2cd/SchoepsMK/Nbox>SonyPCM-M1 DFC20feet

Beasty Boys
1982-11-20 CBGB,N.Y.C. 20/Sbd/B-

1994-10-28 Hartford,CT 75/Aud/B still on cassette,so master is probably around

Beirut *?
2007-11-26 Studio 105 Black Session, Paris? French Radio 1cd/FM/A

Adrian Belew
1983-09-24 Bottom Line, N.Y.C. 1cd/Aud/B
Betty Blowtorch 2001-07-31 Little Bernies,Columbus,Ohio 1cd/AudM/B

Beat Happening
1992-10-06 The Lab, Ann Arbor, Michigan AudM *?

Bettie Serveert
1992-02-xx VPRO-FM Holland
1995 Amoeba Records, Hollywood, CA 1cd/AudM/B+ Sony equip. *

Bobby Sox & The Queers
1980-04-15 Raul’s. Austin 1cd/Sbd/A-

Big Black
1981-1987 Fan made Comp. of rarities 2cd/Varies/varies demos/7’s etc…
1986-07-11 Cafe Voltaire, Milwaukee 1cd/Aud/B
1986-11-25 Paard Van Troje, Den Haag 56/Sbd/A
1986-12-05 Schlaththof, Bremen 1cd/Aud/B-
1987-01-10 Cafe Voltaire, Milwaukee 1cd/Sbd/A-*
1987-07-20 Bremen 1cd/Sbd Master/A excelent quality!!!
1987-07-26 Polytecnic, Leeds 1cd/Aud/C+
1987-08-03 I-Beam, San Francisco 1cd/Aud/B

Big Boys
1981-xx-xx Austin with The Dicks & The Stains incomplete rec’d of all 3 bands 1cd/AudM/B
1981-09-xx Austin 15/Sbd/B
1983-08-13 Nite Life, Austin, Texas 45/Aud/B+
1983-09-23 Lanburgh Cultural Center, Washington DC 1cd/Sbd/A

Big in Japan*
March 6,1979 Peel Session

Birdsongs of the Mesozoic
1990-04-11The Metro, Richmond, Virginia Aud1
1989-05-04 DC Space, Washington DC Aud1
2001-06-23 Nearfest, PA 1cd/

Black Flag
1981-03-22 Club Doobee, East Lansing/Haslett,Michigan, Michigan(also have The Fix & Necros sets)
1984-04-20 Greystone, Detroit Aud1

1981-03-05 The Underground, Boston 45/Aud1/B+ (also have EQ’s version that is much better, more low end that was sorely missing)
1981-07-10 Keystone, Berkeley, CA 45/Sbd or FM/A- hissy
1982-05-28 Versuchsfeld, Hamburg 1cd/Aud/B
1982-10-07 MAT?, Zurich, Switzerland 2cd/Aud/B
1983-03-29 Odissea 2001, Milano, Italy 1cd/SbdM/A-/B+ 38f master
1984-11-xx Kitchner, Ontario, Canada 1cd/Aud/B- have EQ version/B
1986-03-04 Melkweg, Amsterdam 12/FM/A
1987-04-11 Posthof, Linz, Austria 2cd/Aud/B-
1983-03-29 Odessia 2001, Milnoa 1cd/SbdM/A-
1990-10-09 Knitting Factory, N.Y.C. AudM
1991-10-06 Democrazy, Gent 1cd/Sbd/A
1991-02-2x unknown venue,Bern Switzerland 1cd/Sbd/A- from a gig cass
2006-05-02 Kinky Stars, Gent 1cd/AudM/B+

Boss Hog *
1998-03-18 Irving Plaza, N.Y.C. Aud2

David Bowie
1969-1971? Introspective (baktabak CINT5001) 1cd
1971-xx-xx “The Complete Arnold Corns Sessions” Various Studio, Peel & Alt Takes 1cd
1972-10-01 Music Hall, Boston, MA 1cd/AudM/B-
1973-02-15 “Soul Asylum” Radio City Music Hall N.Y.C. 2cd/Aud/
1974-11-15 Music Hall, Boston, MA 1cd/AudM/B- JOE MALONEY MASTER RECORDING
1970’s-xx Interview from a Picture Disc LP 49min
1976-02-28 Public Auditorium, Cleveland, OH 2cd/Aud/
1976-03-23 Nassau Coliseum, Uniondale,NY 1cd/FM?/A
1976-05-13 Sport Paleis Ahoy, Rotterdam 1cd/Sbd?/C
1978-05-06 Boston Garden, Boston, MA 1cc(missing disc 2)/Aud/B

1989 Demos
2008-04-29 Los Angeles, CA 1cd/AudM

Jacques Brel
1961-05-12 Kurhaus, Scheveningen, Netherlands 1cd/KRO-FM/A

2000-11-02 Knitting Factory, L.A. 1cd/AudM/B+ tranehead mastrs
2003-05-07 Troubadour, Hollywood, CA 1cd/AudM/B+

Bush Tetras
1981-01-29 Acoustilog Studios,NYC FM1
1981-12-31 Clutch Cargo’s, Detroit 1cd/FM1/B+ WDET Broadcast
1982-08-28 CBGB, N.Y.C. 72/AudM/B
1983-01-02 CBGB, N.Y.C. 1cd/AudM/B

1979-09-01 Club 57, N.Y.C. 1cd/Sbd/FM?/A-

————– CCCCCCCC —————————————————–
Cabaret Voltaire
1980-10-25 Keystone, Berkeley,CA FM master tape>cdr 1cd/FM/A/A+
1981-10-03 Manchester University, Eng. 50/Sbd/A-
1982-05-26 Rock City, Nottingham 1cd/Master2/A-

Camper Van Beethoven
1986-01-18 Mabuhay, S.F. 45/FM/A incomplete(2 songs missing?)
1986-03-21 CBGB, N.Y.C. 1cd/Sbd/B+
1986-06-06 Sluggo’s Pizza, Santa Cruz, CA 1cd/Aud3?/A- nice recording by a well known G.Dead taper
1987-02-26 Hub Ballroom, Penn St. Univ., College Station, PA 1cd/Sb/B+
1987-06-06 Catalyst, Santa Cruz 1cd/Sbd/A- nto sure if I have this or not
1988-02-06 McCabes Guitar Shop, Santa Monica, CA Aud
1988-07-30 John Anson Ford theatre, L.A. 1cd/Aud/B
1989-09-14 KCRW, Santa Monica, CA 1cd/FM/A
1989-11-12 Milwaukee 2cd/AudM/A-
2004-11-05 Berbati’s, Portland, OR 2cd/AudM/B+
2007-09-07 Pappy & Harriets Pioneertown Palace, Pioneertown, CA campout weekend Festival 2cd/Sbd(matrix?)/A I might have sbd alone and a matrx,need to check.
2007-09-19 W.o.W Hall, Eugene, OR 1cd/AudM/A-
2009-01-09 Bowery, N.Y.C. 2cd/AudM/B+ Edirol R1 Master diff than nyctapers version, he was up in balcony, me on floor

Camper Van Chadbourne

George Carlin
2002-12-14 Ruth Eckerd Hall, Clearwater, FL 1cd/Sbd/A

Caroliner Rainbow
1991-08-11 Alvin’s, Detroit 1cdr/AudM>cdr/A-/B+

Channel 3
1983-01-15 CBGB, N.Y.C. AudM

1991-09-16 Industry,Pontiac,MI 1cd/FM1 or cass Master/A-

Cheeta Chrome
1983-03-17 Gildersleeves, N.Y.C. 1cd/AudM/B+ short

Chris Cutler Fred Frith & Thomas DiMuzio
2002-10-21 Black Box, Oakland, CA Aud

Chrome & Helios Creed
1981-08-21 Mabuhay,San Francisco 50/SBD/A-
2008-09-28 Pike Room, Pontiac, MI 2cd/Aud/A- nice recording, perforance so so

Chrome Cranks
1996-05-26 Magic Stick, Detroit Aud

Circle Jerks
1983-05-13 Space II Arcade, Washington DC SBD
1983-11-05 Greystone, Detroit, Michigan Aud1

Clock DVA
1978-xx-xx “Black Words White Paper” demos
1980-xx-xx “Group Fragments”
1979-08-04 Prince of Wales Conference Centre,London 1cd/Aud/B/B+
1981-02-08 Lyceum, London 1cd/Aud/B/B+
1983-09-03 Pandora’s Music Box festival, Rotterdam 1cd/FM master cass/A-

2009-03-21 London 1cd/AudM/A- nice

Cocteau Twins
1983-01-30 Rotterdam
1983-11-01 Doornrsje?, Nijmegen, NL
1985-09-18 Newport Music Hall, Columbus, Ohio SBD

Contortions – James Chance & related
1978-02-04 CBGB, N.Y.C. 1cd/AudM/B+
1978-10-12 CBGB, N.Y.C. 1cd/AudM/B+

Cop Shoot Cop
1992-06-04 Blind Pig, Ann Arbor AudM

Corrosion of Conformity
1984-08-07 Paychecks Lounge, Hamtramck ,Michigan Aud

1977-xx-xx IRS Demos
1979-08-08 Irving Plaza, N.Y.C. 1cd/FM/A-
1979-08-xx CBGB, N.Y.C. 2 versions 15/FM/B+
1980-03-13 “Black Leather” date is very quetionable, I think they played in Leed this night 1cd/Sbd/A-
1982-06-11 Peppermint Lounge, N.Y.C. 1cd/AudM/B+ Sony M310>939
1982-11-03 City gardens, Trenton, N.J. 1cd/AudM/B+ Sony ECM939>D3?
1982-12-29 Clutch Cargo’s, Detroit, MI 1cd/Sbd1/A/A-

1999-04-04 unknown venue, Dusseldorf, Germany 1cd/Sbd/A

1984-05-08 Joe’s Allstar Lounge, Ann Arbor Aud1

1982-05-21 Neu, Issenbeurg 2cd/Sbd/A-
1984-11-16 Ontario Theatre, Washington DC 2cd/FM/A!

1982-12-10 Maxwell’s, Hoboken, N.J. Tom Cora 1cd/AudM/B+

Czukay, Holger
2004-05-15 Subbterranian, Chicago 2cd/Analog Master/A- nice to see a analog taper still making the rounds

******** DDDDDDDDDDDDD **********

1979-80 various Live 2cd
1981 Paris

Daft punk
2006-04-29 Coachella festival, indio, Ca 1cd/SbdM/A

Dark Carnival
1996-06-xx Coeny Island, N.Y.C. 1cd/AudM/B+ realomind

Dead Boys
1978-08-14 CBGB, N.Y.C. 2 Sets 1cd/Sbd/B+

Dead Can Dance
1984 Demos & Peel Session(s) 1cd/Sbd1/A-
1984-xx-xx London 1cd/Aud/B+

Dead Milkmen
1986-02-12 Raji’s. Los Angeles 1cd/AudM

Destroy All Monsters
1979-01-04 Second Chance Saloon, Ann Arbor, MI 1cd/FM1 or master cass of broadcast/A rebrdcst in 1990 WCBN

1977-05-27 Eagle Street Saloon, Cleveland, OH 1cd/Aud/B
1977-08-03 Mabuhay gardens,San Francisco, CA Set I 1cd/Pre-FM master/A- should have set II also
1978-10-18 Dover, N.J. 1dvd/Pro B&W/C- poor quality(Dark) w/Dancers!
1979-01-06 Park West, Chicago, IL 1cd/AUd1/B mono just in circ 11/2009
1982-11-06 Fox Theatre, Detroit, MI 2cd/AudM/B+ 24/48

I have lots more Devo,need to get info on them

Detroit Cobras
1996-03-09 Zoot’s Coffee House, Detroit 1cd/sony 959 > sony D10
2003-02-13 BBC Session mp2
2003-09-21 Avalon, Los Angeles, CA 1cd/AudM/ DSM6 -> PACLC -> M1

2004-06-19 Rock City Festival, Majestic(outside), Detroit, MI 1cd/Sbd Master/A
2008-02-16 2cd/AudM
2008-06-16 Paris AudM
2009-06-xx Majestic Cafe & Bowling, Detroit 2cd/AudM/B+

Dodge Main (Wayne Kramer, S.Morgan, D.Thompson)
1997-04-26 The Library, Novi, MI 1cd/AudM/B+ Sony D8

The Doors
1967-03-07 & 10 Matrix, S.F. 2 sets per night 4cd/Sbd/A-
1967-09-15 Interview Pierce College, Oswego, New York “The Night on Fire” 1cd/FM
1968-09-14 Kongresshalle, Frankfurt 1cd/Aud “The Night on Fire”

Dream Syndicate
1984-xx-xx La Edad de Oro” The Age of Gold, Madrid TV 1dvd/TV Master Tape/A
1986-09-23 Brewery, Raliegh, N.C. 1cd/SbdM/A

******** EEEEEEEEEEEEE **********

Eno, Brian
1981-11-14 Ontario College of Art Auditorium, Toronto 1cd/Aud/B+ w/Jon Hassell,Michael Brook & Aiyb Dieng
1990’s-xxx Rare Tracks 1cd/Studio/A
1998-xx-xx “Music For Prague”
2001-07-02 Klanghorizonte Radio, Germany w/Singer from James 15/FM/A
2002-07-xx German Radio with James singer 20/FM/A

Einsturznde Neubauten
1984-02-14 Le Forum Des Halles, Paris 50/Aud?/
1985 Rotterdam, NL
1095-08-26 V2, Den Bosch 1cd/Sbd/A-
1987-06-14 Kulptur Projekte Festival, Münster, Germany 31/Aud/
1988-07-02 Jovel Musikhalle, Münster, Germany 48/FM
1989-09-07 Fryshuset, Stockholm + Int 61/Aud
1990-03-26 Salle des Fetes, Vandoevre-les-Nancy, France Aud2
1990-04-01 Neue Welt, Berlin 85/Aud2
1991-06-19 Docks, Hamburg 49/FM2

1997-09-30 Théatre Barbey, Bordeaux, France 119/Aud1
1998-12-18 The Rave, Milwaukee, WI 123/Aud1

Emerson, Lake & Palmer
1971-07-19 Hollywood Bowl, Hollywoood, CA 1cd/Sbd/B+
1977-08-13 Swing Auditorium in San Bernadino , CA 2cd/Aud1/B+

Roky Erickson
2007-06-02 River to River Festival, Battery Park, N.Y.C. Sennheiser 441>Sony SBM-1

Experimental Audio Research
1998-12-13 The Shelter, Detroit, MI 1cd/Sbd/A-

******** FFFFFFFFFFFFF **********
Faith No More
1991-02-05 & 06 Quinta Vergara
1992-10-01 Buffalo, NY 1cd/AudM/B
1993-05-06 Monash, Melbourne 1cd/FM?
1995-03-26 Oslo remastered 1cd/FM

The Fall
1979-03-01 Nashville Rooms, London 1cd/Aud/B-
1979- JB’s
1980-03-21 ????, London
1980-11-20 Cedar Ballroom, Birmingham 1cd/Sbd?/B
1983-10-04 Buster Browns, Edinburgh 2cd/AudM/B+
1984-04-04 unknown venue, Muchen 1cd/FM/A-

2008-06-18 Amersham Arms, New Cross, London 2cd/AudM/B+
2009-09-30 Proctors,Schnectedy, N.Y. 2cd/AudM/B+
2009-10-10 2cd/AudM/B+

Bryan Ferry
1977-06-28 Masonic Auditorium, Detroit, MI 1cd/Aud/B+
1988-08-17 Toronto

The Fix
1981 Demos 2 sets of demos and 1 might be from Spot demos session? might be releaed now too? or partly rel.

Friends of Dean Martinez
2001-11-11 Substage, Karlsruhe, Germany 2cd/AudM
Bill Elm Solo 2004-12-16 Rattenspiegel, Freiburg aiwa-cm30->sony D8 Hanwaker
2005-11-16 Drifters, Freiburg, Germany 107/AudM/A- aiwa cm 30–> sony D8 Hanwaker Recording
2005-11-24 Knaak, Berlin 2cd/AudM/A- Hanno Master

Fripp, Robert
w/Eno 1975 London
w/Orbital 1991 Demos 1track 52 min/Sbd/A
1988-03-15 Muhlebberg College, Allentown, PA LoCG 1cd/AudM/B+
1995-07-18 Manchester, UK 1cd/FM
1998-11-18 World Financial Center, N.Y.C. 1cd/WNYC-FM/A Int & songs in studio
2000-11-28 World Financial Center, N.Y.C. 1cd/FM1>flac.A live broadcast fromthe WFC

******** GGGGGGGGGGGGG **********

Gang of Four
1979-xx-xx unknown Venue & City, England 45/Sbd(low)/A I remastered this a bit,took out gaps/cut/dropouts etc…
1979-xx-xx Southhampton 1cd/Aud/B
1979-09-09 Mothers,Chicago 3 versions 1 Audx, 1 AudM & 1 Sbdx 1cd/Aud & Sbd/A to B-
1981-06-30 Second Chance Saloon, Ann Arbor, MI 2 versions
#1 FM master cassette of 1990 rebroadcast 55/FM/A/A+(Excellent!!!)
#2 Audience Master 40/AudM/B/B-
Marvin Gaye
1983-07-xx Fox theatre, Atlanta, GA 1cd/Sbd/A

Al Green
1974-10-04 Midnight Special TV Audio 1cd/TV-Sbd/A-
2004-07-04 Waterfront Park, Louisville, KY Schoeps mk4>D8/A-

2008-07-08 Roskilde Festival, Denmark 1cd/FM/A has DJ chatter unfortunatly

******** HHHHHHHHHHHHH *********

Hagen, Nina
1979-03-22 Mannhein, Germany 2cd/AudM>flac/B
1982-07-08 Hittsville, Bloomfield, N.J. 1cd/AudM>cdr>EAC>EQ>cdr/B
1982-07-31 Clutch Cargo’s, Detroit 1cd/Sbd(very Low gen)>Flac>Remastered>Flac/A- (1 of the drum Toms was recorded toohigh, so I went through EQ each section and overall some highs) Thisis rare complete show w/Encore!!!
1984-02-22 & 24 Copenhagen & ???? from 2xLP *
2003-xx-xx Chicago,IL 2cd/AudM/B

The Hangmen
1987-02-14 Anti Klub, Los Angeles, CA 1cd/Aud1/B+ both it on 1cdr
1994-08-04 Al’s Bar, Los Angeles, CA 1cd/AudM Sony D6/B+

1975-09-07 CBGB, N.Y.C. 1cd/Sbd/B+
1970’s unknown venue, N.Y.C. 2 songs AudM/B+

Richard Hell & The Voidoids
1977-04-14 CBGB, N.Y.C. 1cd/Aud w/Soundcheck
1977-09-28 Interview, WBAI, New York, NY (FM)
1978-Spring-xx Oxford Ale House, New Haven, CT 76:25/Sbd1/A- 2 sets

Jimi Hendrix
“Crash Landing” unreleased version posthumously 1974?
“Message Nine To The Universe”
“Mixdown Masters” 4cd
“Sotheby Tapes”
“1st Rays of the New Sun”
“Electric Ladyland Outtakes” Vol.I
“Electric Ladyland Outtakes” Vol.II
“Hendrix inthe Studio” Vol.1 & 2
1968-05-10 NYC 1cd/Aud1
1968-xx-xx Jimi with Love

Husker Du
1983-4 Zen Arcade Outtakes 3cd/Sbd/B+

******* IIIIIIIIIIIII ***********

Imperial Teen
1998-07-26 Garage, Silver Lake, CA 1cd/AudM/B+ Crummy radio shack mics -> D8
1998-xx-xx Silver Lake, CA
2009-09-xx North Carolina 1cd/

******* JJJJJJJJJJJJJ ***********

Jerrys Kids
1982-11-xx unknown
1983-05-01 WERS-FM in studio live 1cd/FM/B+

Jesus Lizard
1995-05-26 Rick’s American Cafe, East lansing, MI 1cd/AudM/B+

Jesus & Mary Chain
1984-12-xx Demos
1985-12-xx Traxx, Detroit, MI 1cd/Aud1/B+

J.F.A. (Jodie Fosters Army)
1984-04-16 Mason Jar, Phoenix, AZ 1cd/Aud/B+

Josef K
1981-05-31 Moonlight Club, London 1cd/Aud

******* KKKKKKKKKKKKK ***********

Henry Kaiser
2008 KALX, S.F.

1997-10-24 Phantasmagora Records, Wheaton, MD 1cd/AudM/B+ SS DSM6 > D6

Killing Joke
1981-10-14 markthalle, hamburg 1cd/Aud1/B+
1982-08-07 Clutch Cargo’s, Detroit, MI 1cd/Sbd1/A-
1983-09-29 Palais d’Aiver, Lyon, Frace 1cd/Sbd/A_
1984-06-2x Roskilde Festival, Denmark 4 songs/FM/A

1981-07-09 Tokyo 2cd/Sbd/A
2004-05-01 Coachella Festival, Indio, CA version II 1cd/Daud/A also have version I somewhere

Kronos Quartet
2007 Copenhagen, Denmark

******* LLLLLLLLLLLLL ***********

Laughing Hyenas
1992-12-18 Blind Pig, Ann Arbor, MI 1cd/AudM/B+

Liasons Dangereuses
1982-05-01 Paradiso, Amsterdam 1cd/Sbd/B+

Live Skull
1988-11-12 Storrs, Univ. of Conn. 1cd/AudM/B+

Lene Lovich
1980-03-18 Hot Club, Philadelphia, PA 1cd/FM/A
1981-09-26 Bosotn, MA 3 tracks/FM/A

******** MMMMMMMMMMMM ***********

1980-08-08 Club 57, NYC 1cd/
1980-08-15 Warfield?, S.F. 1cd/Sbd/A-
1980-09-20 Rydazmere Inn, Sydney 1cd/Sbd/A- dehissed?

1980-02-14 Soundscape, N.Y.C. 1cd/Aud/B
1981-04-05 Reims, France 1cd/Sbd/B+

1981-11-07 Berlin 1cd/FM/A

Monochrome Set
1980-09-20 Paradiso, Amsterdam VARA Radio Broadcast 30/FM1/A
1983-03-18 Westside Club, Lyon, France 1cd/Pre-FM/A-

1980-05-01 Washington DC 1cd/Aud/B+
2009-xx-xx North Carolina

My Bloody Valentine
1989-05-31 The Axis, Boston, MA 1cd/Aud/
1990-04-30 Colne Municipal Hall, Lanshire, UK 1cd/Sony D3>transferred from same D3
1992-02-16 OSU Auditorium, Columbus, OH 1cd/AudM> EQ(lite)/B
1992-02-29 The Ritz, N.Y.C. 1cd/Aud
1992-05-02 Palais des Congres, Bourges, France 1cd/Aud
2008-06-13 Institute of Contemporary Arts, London DPA4061>MMA6000 2cd/AudM
2008-06-20 Roundhouse, London DPA4061 > MMA6000 2cd/AudM
2008-06-22 Roundhouse, London CSC>Zoom H2 2cd/AudM
2008-06-29 Apollo, Manchester, UK 2cd/AudM/B+ one of the better 2008 recordings
2008-10-01 Santa Monica Civic Center, Santa Monica, CA 2cd/AudM CSB’s(custom ‘spectra-morphic’ atinuator cable-M1)

******** NNNNNNNNNNNN ***********

Naked City
1989-xx-xx Moers
1990-xx-xx Stuttgart 1dvd
1989-xx-xx Tampeire 1dvd
1991-xx-xx Wien, Austria
1991-xx-xx Wien, Austria 1dvd

1980-81 Demos
1981-03-22 Club Doobee, Haslet/East Lansing, MI 1cd/FM/B+

New Order
1980-06?-xx Western Works Demos 1cd/Sbd/A/A-
1982-06-22 Rolling Stone, Milano, Italy 1cd/FM/A-
1983-06-19 Austin,TX 2cd/Aud/B+ 45 min soundcheck *
1983-07-02? St.Andrews Hall, Detroit, MI 1cd/Aud/B

Judy Nylon
1978-08-27 Max’s Kansas Ciy, N.Y.C. 1cd/AUdM/B+ rare as fuck recording!!!

******** OOOOOOOOOOOO ***********

******** PPPPPPPPPPPP ***********

1973-1976 Studio Outtakes 3cd/Sbd/B+
1995-10-0x Alachua Music Harvest, Gainesville, FL
1996-10-06 Alachua Music Harvest, Gainesville, FL 2 versions 3cd/SbdM/A- 3cd/Matrix/A shows started at 1:00am
1997-10-07? Alachua Music Harvest, Gainesville, FL
1999-07-23 Woodstock II Festival, Woodstock, NY 2cd/Sbd/A-

1988-05-21 Maxwells, Hoboken, N.J. 1cd/AudM/B+
1988-xx-xx Ann Arbor 1cd/Aud1/B+

The Plugz
2007-11-11 30th Aniv. of Masque, Echoplex, Los Angeles, CA 1cd/AudM/B+ Edirol R9

2006-10-26 Orange Peel, Asheville, N.C. 1cd/AudM/A-

1980-05-31 Amsterdam, NL 1cd/FM
1980-08-09 Central Park, N.Y.C. 1cd/FM
1980-03-23 Paradise, Boston 1cd/Pre-FM1>Flac/A

Public Image Limited
1978-12-22 Le Stadium, Paris 1cd/AudM/B+
1980-04-20 nyc
1980-04-22 NYC
1980-04-28 Motor City Roller Rink, Detroit 1cd/AudM/B+

2007-11-05 Local 506, Chapel Hill, N.C.
2008-12-15 Knitting Factory, N.Y.C. 1cd?AudM/A- nyctaper

******** QQQQQQQQQQQQ ***********

******** RRRRRRRRRRRR ***********
Rageous Gratoons
2009-10-28 Kulturzentrum Schlachthof, Kassel, Germany 2cd/AudM/B+ Klezmer – Polka – Ska – Balkanbeats – Noise from Bordeaux, France

The Raincoats
1980-04-09 Firenze, Italy 1cd/Sbd/B
1980-04-xx Milano
2009-10-xx Part Time Punks Festival, L.A. 1cd/AudM

1978-09-10 Rockpalast? German TV 1dvd/TV/A
1979-02-26 Second Chance Saloon, Ann Arbor, MI CD Bootleg 1cd/FM/B+
1979-02-26 Second Chance Saloon, Ann Arbor, MI 1cd/FM master cassette from 1990 rebroadcast/A
1979-06-08 Civic Center, San Francisco, CA KSAN Master Reel 1cd/FM/B+ 12 noon free lunchtime outdoor show(might need a little tweak to be really good!
1991-xx-xx Hand made tape of Joey reviewing thier 1st album trk by trk 1cd/AudM or Aud1/B+ Joey gave out to friends/press he liked,I guess

Red Lorry Yellow Lorry
19882-12-xx Peel Session
1983-xx-xx Peel Session
1984-11-23 Heathery Bar, Wishaw, Scotland 1cd/Aud?/B/B+

Otis Redding
1966-67 “A Soupcan of Soul” comp of various recordings 1cd/Sbd/A-

Rip Rag & Panic
1983-07-09 Shibuya, Tokyo 1cd/FM/A

Rolling Stones
1962-1972 “Beggars Breakfast” 1cd/Sbd/A-
1963-1971 “More Stoned Than You’ll Ever Be: Anthology 1963-1971” 3cd/Sbd,Studio & FM/A-
1964-1970 Masons Yard to Primrose Hill 1964-1970
1966-02-24 Palais Theatre, St. Kilda, Melbourne 1cd/FM/A-
1966-04-xx “The Aftermath Sessions” 4cd/Studio/A Mixing Sessions tracks,so most have some missing instrument or vocals, not many are real fun to listen too, but historically might be interesting to soem.
1967-05 to 07-xx “Satanic Sessions” incomplete 2cd/Sbd/A
1969-11-24 ???, Detroit, MI + 1 track from 11-6-69 Oakland 1cd/Sbd/C
1972-07-21 Spectrum, Philadelphia & 1972-06-24 Tarrant, Ft.Worth,Tx 1cd/Sbd/A- “Philadelphia Special” (SODD 004) w/Art
1978-05-xx “Pearls At Swine – 1978 Woodstock Rehearsals” Woodstock, NY 2cd/Sbd/B+
1978-07-18 Tarrant County Convention Center, Ft.Worth,TX “No Flash No Gimmicks” 2 CD/Sbd/A

The Rutles
1970’s? Rehearsals Outtakes Archaeology Tapes 1cd/Sbd>Flac/B+

******** SSSSSSSSSSSSS **********

Screaming Jay HAwkins
1986-08-23 Catalyst, Santa Cruz, CA 1cd/Sbd & Aud Masters MAtrix/A

Secret Chiefs 3
1998-xx-xx Australia 2cd/Aud2/B/B+
2000-05-28 Magicstick,Ferndale,MI 2 versions audio & 2 versions video 1cd each/AudM/B
2000-05-30 Peabody’s Down Under, Cleveland, OH 1cd/Sbd1/A- great mix,but has several cuts,optherwise KILLER!
2000-05-31 Lee’s Palace, Toronto, Ontario, Canada 2cd/Sbd>stream/A lossy I guess
2000-xx-xx lots of other shows from this tour
2009-03-22 Agora, Cleveland, OH 1cd/AudM/A-

Section 25
2009-11-10 Part Time Punks Festival, Los Angeles, CA 1cd/AudM

Severed Heads
1983-04-22-3 Sedition Festival, Trade Union Club, Sydney 1cd/Sbd/A Excellent quality!
1985-xx-xx Sheffield? 1cd/AudM/B
1986-xx-xx “Brave New Waves” CBC Canada instudio perfromance 1cd/FM/A from master cass of brdcst

Pete Shelley
1982-05-30 Long Island, N.Y.C. 1cd/Sbd/B

Simple Minds
1980-03-23 Paradiso, Amsterdam, NL 1cd/FM/A- been dehissed?
1982-03-01 Markthalle, Hamburg, DE 1cd/Aud/B
1981-1982 Various Shows in Sydney, Australia 2cd/Sbd/A

Siouxsie & the Banshees
1979-04-23 Barcellolo, Spain 1cd/FM
1981-10-20 Old Man River, New Orleans, LA 1cd/AudM/B+
1981-11-05 Sam’sDanceteria, Minneapolis 1cd/Aud1/B-
1981-11-03 Second Chance, Ann Arbor, MI 1cd/Aud
1984-06-22 Confrerence Center, Brighton, UK “razzle dazzle” boot
1985-10-25 Hammersmith, London
1986-07-12 Brest Rockscene Festival 1cd/FM

Sisters of Mercy
1984-05-26 Paard Van Troje, Den Hague, NL 1cd/Sbd1/A-

The Sound
1980-12-11 Hope & Anchor, London 1cd/Aud
1988-xx-xx LVC, Leiden, Holland 1cd/AudM/B+

1968-xx-xx Half Nelson demos 1cd/Sbd/B+
1976-12-21 Bottom Line, N.Y.C. 1cd/FM/B+ has been dehissed poorly,but it is the Sparks,so…
1978-xx-xx Arista Demos 1cd/Sbd/A-
1981-xx-xx Germany 4 songs/TV?/A-

Steeley Dan
1974-03-20 Record Plant, Los Angeles, CA 1cd/Pre-FM/A- KMET
1974-03-24 JJ’s Bar and Grill, San Diego, CA 1cd/AudM/B+
1974-05-20 Rainbow, Lonson 1cd/Pro Video Audio/A-
1975-xx-xx Royal Scam outtakes/rehearsals 1cd/Sbd

1979-04-11 Dooleys Pub, East Lansing, MI 1cd/Aud/B-
1981-05-xx Palo Alto, CA 1cd/Aud/B
1981-11-21 Apollo, Glasgow 1cd/FM/B 3 FM sources/apparently is now released,so no trading this

1977-02-04 CBGB, N.Y.C. 1cd/AudM/B+
1977-04-05 unknown venue, N.Y.C. 1cd/Aud/B+
1978-02-04 CBGB, N.Y.C. 1cd/AudM/B+
1978-04-01 CBGB, N.Y.C. 1cd/AudM/B+
1978-09-27 Hurrah, N.Y.C. 1cd/AudM/B+
1978-11-03 CBGB, N.Y.C. 1cd/AudM/B+
1978-11-04 CBGB, N.Y.C. 1cd/AudM/B+
1979-02-06 Mudd Club, N.Y.C. 1cd/AudM/B+
1979-04-07 CBGB, N.Y.C. 1cd/Sbd1/A
1979-07-21 Club 57, N.Y.C. 1cd/AudM/B+
2007-06-20 Forum, London 1cd/AudM/A-
2009-09-11 All Tomorrows Parties, N.Y.C. 1cd/AudM/B+

1977-11-10 Queen Mary College, London 1cd/Pre-FM/A
1979-03-22 Milwaukee Arena, Milwaukee, WI 2cd/Aud/B/B+
1983-08-24 Canadian Nat’l Exhibition Stadium, Toronto 1cd/TV Audio(Sbd/A-

1986-04-12 Mabuhay Gardens, San Francisco, CA 1cd/FM1/A- KLAX-FM 1st gen

Swell Maps
1978-10-16 Peel Session 20/FM>cass1>flac/A what a find! a 1st gen(or master cass of broadcast) torrent of Swell Maps!!! oh boy

******** TTTTTTTTTTTTT ***********

Teenage Jesus & The Jerks
1977-08-08 Max’s, N.Y.C 1cd/AUdM/B+ (started after midnight,so soemtimes listed as 8-9-77)
1978-11-04 CBGB, N.Y.C. 1cd/AudM/B+
1978-1979? unknown Venue ,N.Y.C. 1cd/AudM/B+
2008-06-13 Knitting Factory, N.Y.C. 1cd/AudM Edirol R1 Master/B+
2008-12-06 Nightmare Before Xmas 2nd Set, UK 1cd/AudM/B+

Tiny Tim
1963-02-24 Black Cat, N.Y.C. 1cd/Sbd/A-
1967-06-xx Tent backstage, Monterey, CA 1cd/Aud/B recorded by a journalist with his portable recorder
1968 Santa Monica, CA 1cd/Aud/C
1976-xx-xx Tinys Apartmetn, N.Y.C. aud
1979-xx-xx Interview & Songs at a Howard Johnsons in Binghaton,NYC at 3:00am after a show 2cd/Semi Pro Public Access Camera audio/A- He might shock some people in this intereview
1991-04-13 Hollywood High School, CA 1cd/AudM-1?/B My girlfriend was at this show
19xx Australia Music Hall will get all info soon or ask me

Thinking Fellers Union Local 282
1991-10-09 Club Babyhead, Providence, R.I. 1cd/AudM/B+ PC-62>D3
1991-10-15 Cats Cradle, Chapel Hill, N.C. 1cd/AudM?/B+
1993-08-15 G.M.A.H., San Francisco, CA 2cd/SbdM>DAT>flac/A-
1994-xx-xx Satyricon, Portland, OR 1cd/AudM/B Sony D3 Master
1994-11-19 Satyricon, Portland, OR 1cd/AudM/B Sony D3 Master diff than above
1994-11-22 G.A.M.H., San Francisco, CA 2cd/SbdM/A-
1995-03-10 G.A.M.H., San Francisco, CA 2cd/SbdM/A-
1996-05-09 Tuxedo Junction, Danbury, CT 1cd/AudM/B+

Three Johns
1984-04-25 Savoy, London 1cd/Sbd/B
1984-06-24 Purmerand Festival, Holland 1cd/FM/B+
1984-11-15 “The Tube” UK TV broadcast audio 2 tracks/TV/A-

Throbbing Gristle
2009-04-xx Chicago, IL Audio & video 2cd/AudM/B+
2009-04-xx San Francisco 2 versions
2009-06-xx Masonic Temple, 2cd/AudM/?
2009-06-21 Heaven, London? 2cd/AudM/

Robin Trower
1973-08-11 The Record Plant, Sausalito, CA 1cd/Pre FM KSAN-FM Reel> WLIR Reel > Reel > Reel > digital/A+
1973-74-xx a compilation LP of the pervious BBC broadcasts 3/26/73, 9/26/73 & 2/20/74 BBC shows
1974-09-xx Old Victorian Church, London 2cd/Portable Recoder/B+ jams and rehearsals, not a live show
1974-11-21 Tower Theatre, Philadelphia, PA 1cd/Sbd/B+ Robin Trower,Jim Dewar & Conrad Isadore
1976-04-01 Music Hall, Boston, MA 1cd/AudM/B Sony ECM-99A > Sony TC-152SD Master Cass>DAT>cdr>Flac
1977-01-28 Shibuya Kokaido, Tokyo, Japan 1cd/Aud/B “STAGE !” lp/cd?
1988-01-27 KRQR-FM, New George’s, San Raphael, CA 2cd/FM/A very nice quality broadcast

The Tubes
1978-11-220 Keystone, Palo Alto, CA 1cd/FM/A-
1983-09-17 Kabuki Theatre, San Francisco, CA 2cd/FM/A-

Ike & Tine Turner
1974-03-24 University of Maine 1cd/AudM/B

********* UUUUUUUUUUUUUU ***********

1990-05-24 Heidleberg, Ann Arbor, MI 1cd/Aud1/B+

********* VVVVVVVVVVVVVV **********

Alan Vega
1980-08-21 CBGB, N.Y.C. 1cd/AudM/B+

Velvet underground
1969-01-28 thru 02-02 La CAve, Cleveland, OH 1cd/Aud 6 trks
1969-xx-xx “Boston Te Party 69” 4 shows @ Tea PArty, Boston
-Jan.10th, March 13 & 15th and July 11th,1969 4cd/Aud
1993-06-09 Ahoy Sportpaleis, Rotterdam, NL 2cd/AudM?/B+

Venomous Concept
2004-02-13 Double Door, Chicago 2 versions 1 sbd/A, 2 AudM/B+

Violent Femmes
1980-xx-xx pre Femmes, The Rhomboids Starship?, Milwaukee, WI 1cd/Aud1>cdr/B
1983-09-25 Joes Lounge, Ann Arbor, MI 2cd/AudM Sony 959>D6 >24/48> Audacity EQ>16/44.1>/B+ remastered and original version 24/48
1983-10-30 Berkeley Square, Berkeley, CA 2cd/AudM/B+
1984-05-15 Staches, Columbus, OH 1cd/AudM/B+ NAK300 > hhh850

ViV Akauldren
1990-05-24 Heidleberg, Ann Arbor, MI 1cd/AudM or Aud1/B+

Volcano Suns
1986-12-2x Cambridge, MA 1cd/AudM/B I made a EQ version that ups the grade to B+
1987-01-zz I made a EQ version that ups the grade to B+
1987-01-31 Green Street Station, Boston, MA 1cd/AudM/B I made a EQ version that ups the grade to B+

********* WWWWWWWWWWWWWW **********

The Waitresses
1982-03-02 The Bottom line, N.Y.C. 1cd/FM/A-

Tom Waits
1995 Black Rider Demos 1cd/Sbd/A-
I have a lot more TW, but is in storage,so later, mostly 80’s early 90’s shows

1980-06-16 Max’s, n.Y.C. 2 songs/AudM/B+ w/Thunders & A.Vega

Wayne Kramer
1980-11-23 Max’s, N.Y.C.1song/AudM/B+ w/A.Vega & C.Chrome

The Who
1968-04-06 The Fillmore East, N.Y.C. 1cd/Sbd/A+
1969-09-29 Concertgebouw, Amsterdam, NL 2cd/Sbd/A- “Amazing Journey”
1960’s-70’s Tommy Studio reheardals, 1970’s Rehearsals & R n’ R Circus Rehearsals “Close, But No Cigar” 1cd/Sbd/A-
1972-12-09 Rainbow Theatre, London 2cd/FM/B+ Orchestral Tommy played in full w/London Symphony Orch
1975-11-20 The Summit?, Houston, TX 2cd/Pro Video Audio>?>flac/A- + 6 trks 1971 Dayton,OH
1979-12-08 International Amphitheater, Chicago, IL 2cd/(Pro Video?) Sbd2 Audio> ? > Flac/
1996-10-20 Arena, San Jose, CA “Quadraphenia” 2cd/Sbd/A

Wiseblood w/Lydia Lunch
1987-08-07 The Scream, L.A. 1cd/AudM/B+

Jah Wobble
1982-11-03 The Venue, London 1cd/Sbd/A
1983-05-03 Club Soda, Montreal, Quebec 1cd/AudM/B+ aiwa stereo mikes clip>SONY WALKMAN
1983-05-16 1st Avenue, Minneapolis, MN 1cd/AudM/B w/Prince vocals on last track
1983-05-27 Madam Wongs West, Los Angeles, CA 1cd/AudM/B+ AIWA Stereo cass. recorder, built in mic

********* XXXXXXXXXXXXXX **********

1981-09-27 ??, New Orleans, LA 2cd/Sbd/A-
1982-07-23 Clutch Cargo’s, Detroit, MI 1cd/SbdM/A
1982-07-25 Dooleys, East Lansing, MI 1cd/Aud/B-

********* YYYYYYYYYYYYYY **********

********* ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ **********

ZZ Top
1980-xx-xx unknown venue, Passaic,N.J. 1cd/Pre Fm LP>flac/A

********* Butthole Surfers ***********
1982-06-10 Granada Room, Hollywood, CA 1cd/AudM/B+
1982-07-04 Granada Room, Hollywood, CA 1cd/AudM/B+ 3 tracks
1984-11-16 Los Angeles 1cd/AudM?/
1984-12-15 Riverside, Geurneville, CA 1cd/SbdM/B+
1985 & 1989 Peel Sessions Pre-FM
1985-06-08 CBGB, N.Y.C. 1cd/Aud2/B/B+ 2 sets new Azimuth transfer
1985-10-14 Doornrsje, Nijmegen, Netherlands 1cd/SbdM/A recently circulating
1986-02-12 CBGB, N.Y.C. 1cd/Aud/B+
1986-03-30 Santa Monica 1cd/AudM/B
1987-04-11 Pine Street Theater, Portland, OR 1cd/Aud4?/B
1988-06-12 I-Beam, San Francisco, CA 2cd/AudM or Aud1/B
1990-1991 CBC-FM & 3/91 JJJ Radio Australia Interview
2008-10-23 Meridian, Houston, TX 2cd/AudM/B+ Edirol R9
2008-12-12 Warsaw, N.Y.C. 2cd/AudM/A- nyctaper master Gibby get thrown out,but you cant tell on this rec’d
2008-12-30 San Francisco, CA 2cd/AudM/B+
2009-10-14 Portland, OR 2cd/AudM/B+

********* Captain Beefheart **********

1968-69 Top Gear Sessions BBC 1cd/FM/B+ Rebroadcast in the 1990’s on Peel Show
1970-72 Studio Sessions 1cd/Sbd/A-
1972-03-27 London 2cd/AudM/B-
1973-02-24 Town Hall, N.Y.C. 1cd/Aud/B
1973-03-09 Ebbets Field, Denver, CO 1cd/Aud/B
1974-04-22 Cowtown Palace, Kansas City, MO 1cd/FM/A-
1975-07-15 Roxy, Los Angeles rare Ella Guru live 1cd/Aud1-2>flac/B
1976-12-26 Troubadour, Hollywood, CA
1977-11-03 Red Creek, Rochester, NY Early & Late shows 1cd each.Aud/B+
1978-12-12 My Fathers place, N.Y.C. 1cd/Aud/B+

********* Dead Kennedys **************

1978-12-31 Mosue, Hollywood, CA 1cd/Aud/B-
1979-07-11 The Long Goodbye, portland, OR 45/SbdM/A- weird mix(vocs 1 chl)
1979-08-17 Hong Kong Cafe, Hollywood, Ca 1cd/AudM/B
1979-11-19 Earth Tavern, Portland 2 sets 2cd/SbdM/A-
1979-xx-xx Demos 1cd/Sbd/B+
1980-03-20 Mabuhay Gardens, San Francisco, CA 1cd/FM1/A-
1980-10-11 Pavillion, West Ruton, Cromer, UK 1cd/Sbd/B+
1981-04-15 9:30 Club, Washington DC 1cd/Sbd/B
1981-04-16 Marble Bar, Baltimore, MD 1cd/Aud/B-
1981-10-08 Much More, Roma, Italy 1cd/Aud1/
1982-07-04 Los Angeles 1cd/AudM?/
1982-07-18 City gardens, trenton, NJ 1cd/AudM/B+
1982-07-29 Clutch Cargo’s, Detroit, MI 1cd/Sbd2/A-
1982-11-17 Warehouse, Liverpool
1982-12-05 Paradiso, Amsterdam 1cd/FM/A
1982-12-19 Saltageret, Kobehavn, Denmark 1cd/FM/A-
1983-07-03 National Convetion, Washington DC 1cd/Aud
1983-07-05 Reggae Lounge, N.Y.C. 1cd/Sony ECM-939>Sony M310 44/AudM/B+
1984-01-21 On Broadway, San Francisco 1cd/SbdM/A-
1984-07-18 (outside of)Moscone Center(during the Democratic National Convention), S.F. 1cd/Aud1>flac
2001-11-08 Corona, CA 1cd/AudM/A-
2001-11-24 Galaxy, Santa Ana, CA 1cd/AudM/A-
2002-06-21 Hallam University, Sheffield 1cd/Sony ECM727P > Sony D100/A

********* Flipper *********************

1980-02-24 Target Studio, San Francisco 15/Sbd/B+
1980-04-11 Marin College Auditorium, San Raphael, CA 45/Sbd3/B
1981-06-28 KALX-FM Benefit, Berkeley, CA 1cd/FM/A-
1981-09-21 Elite Club, San Francisco, CA 1cd/Sbd/B-
1982-02-06 On Broadway, San Francisco, CA 1cd/FM/B+ I have 2 different KALX broadcasts of this
1982-02-10 Elite Club, San Francisco, CA 1cd/Aud/B-
1982-02-18 On Broadway, San Francisco, CA 1cd/FM/A-
1982-02-25 Klub Foot, Austin, TX 85/Sbd/B+ “Superfreak”(Rick James) w/Big Boys?
1982-03-05 Maverick, Boston 1cd/AudM/B-
1982-03-14 9:30 Club, Washington DC 1cd/Sbd/A-
1982-05-01 On Broadway, San Francisco, CA 1cd/FM?/B- KUSF Broadcast incomplete
1982-05-12 Country Club, Reseda, CA 1cd/Aud/B-
1982-05-22 On Broadway, San Francisco, CA 1cd/FM?/B- KUSF Broadcast incomplete
1982-05-27 Danceteria, N.Y.C. 1cd/AudM/B
1982-05-2x WNYU-FM Interview, N.Y.C. 1cd/FM/B+
1982-06-06 Mabuhay Gardens, San Francisco, CA 1cd/Sbd/B-
1982-10-16 w/Keith Moris & Geza X Studio Zzz KFPK, Los Angeles, CA 1cd/FM/B not very good musically, nothing like Flipper
1982-xx-xx Gone Fishin Demos 85-90/Sbd/B+ 2 versions 2nd & 4th Gens Diff song order, but probably the same otherwise
1982-xx-xx Duffy’s, Minneapolis, MN 1cd/Aud/B Might be 2 diff recordings of this?
1983-05-13 CBGB. N.Y.C. 1cd/Sbd/A- official released?
1983-05-19 9:30 Club, Washington DC 1cd/AudM/B+
1983-11-xx WNYU-FM N.Y.C. Interview
1984-12-11 7th Street Entry, Minneapolis, MN 1cd/Aud/B
1984-12-12 7th Street Entry, Minneapolis, MN 1cd/Aud/B
1984-12-15 Paychecks Lounge, Hamtramck, MI 1cd/Aud1/B+ 1 unknown song
1984-12-16 Jockey Club, Newport, KY 1cd/Aud/B
1984-12-27 9:30 Club, Washington DC 2cd/AudM/A- 2 sets incomplete?
1985-01-05 Larry’s Hideaway, Toronto, Ontario 85/Aud/B
1985-01-16 Jimmys, New Orleans, LA 1cd/Aud/B
1985-xx-xx CBGB, N.Y.C. 1cd/Aud/B-
1986-12-26 The Farm, San Francisco, CA 1cd/AudM/B incomplete/taper couldnt find other tape with the rest on it
1987-01-16 WUST Radio Hall, Washington DC 1cd/AudM NAK300 mics/A-
1987-09-18 Rock Lounge/Irving Plaza, N.Y.C. 1cd/Aud/B
1992-04-12 Whiskey, Los Angeles, CA 1cd/Aud/B
1992-11-03 1st Ave, Minneapolis, MN 1cd/Aud/B
1992-11-14 The Ritz, Tampa Bay, FL 1cd/Aud/B
1993-07-11 Club Detroit, St. Petersburg, Florida 1cd/Aud/B
1993-08-15 Peel Session 20/FM/B+
1993-08-18? Democrazy, Gent, Belgium 1cd/??/??
2006-12-01 El Corazon, Seattle 1cd/AudM/A-
2006-12-02 Dante’s, Portland, OR 1cd/AudM/A-
2006-12-14 The Garage, Glasgow, Scotland 1cd/Aud/B
2006-12-20 Cafe Du Nord, San Francisco, CA 1cd/AudM Oade Bins > Sony PCM-M1/A-
2008-02-18 Amoeba Records, San Francisco, CA 1cd/Aud/A- 2 versions Belkin>itunes>flac #2-Ipod master38min
2008-09-04 Porky’s Cafe, Longview, Washington State 1cd/AudM(Edirol R-9)/B+ Zeigler master
2008-09-05 El Corazon, Seattle 1cd/AudM(Edirol R9)/B+

********* Robert Fripp *****************
1978 NYC w/Debbie Harry
1978-02-05 Kitchen, N.Y.C. 1cd/Aud/B 2set 2 versions of 1 of the sets from LP Boot
1979-06-12 Second Chance Saloon, Ann Arbor, MI 1cd/Aud/B
1979-06-13 Peaches Records, Detroit, MI 1cd/Aud/B
1979-07-18 Streets Records, St.Louis, MO 1cd/Aud/B
1979-07-24 Tower Records, San Diego, CA 1cd/Aud/B
1979-07-25 Wong’s, Los Angeles, CA 1cd/Aud/B
1979-07-26 Wong’s(Chinatown), Los Angeles, CA 1cd/Aud/B
1979-07-27 Tower Records, Los Angeles, CA 1cd/Aud/B
1979-07-28 KSAN-FM in studio, San Francisco, CA 1cd/FM/A
1979-07-28 Mabuhay Gardens, San Francisco, CA 1cd/Aud/B
1979-07-29 Mabuhay Gardens, San Francisco, CA 1cd/Aud/B
1979-09-08 Monterey Tribal Stomp Festival, Monterey, CA 1cd/Aud/B
1993-11-01 Toronto 1cd/FM/A w/David Sylvian

********* Gun Club ********************
1980-xx-xx (pre GC)Creeping Ritual “Birth Death Ghost” boot LP/CD various venues in L.A.
1981-xx-xx Demos 4 songs (diff than the Box Set) 15/Sbd/A-
1981-01-20 Starwood, Hollywood, CA 45/Aud/B
1981-11-06 On Broadway, San Francisco 1cd/FM mast cass.>flac/A-
1981-xx-xx various Dates Love Supreme & Deathwish Bootlegs LP’s>cdr/B+

1982-03-10 1st Ave, Minneapolis,MN 45/Aud/B
1982-04-28 Scorgies, Rochester,NY 55/Aud/B
1982-05-05 Acoustilog Studio,N.Y.C. 1cd/FM/A-
1982-05-29 Maxwell’s, Hoboken, N.J. 1cd/AudM/A-/B+
1982-08-06 Clutch Cargo’s, Detroit 40/Aud1?/B++ soundguy messing with JLP vocs throughout)
1982-08-09 1st Ave,Minneapolis,MN 61/Sbd/B- rough recording with flaws and strange noises.
1982-10-05 Le Palace,Paris 1cd/FM > cass2 >cdr/A
1982-11-21 Paychecks Lounge, Hamtramck(Detroit),MI 1cd/Aud/B
1983-xx-xx Death Party Demos 25/Sbd/A- Recorded at Blkank Tapes Studio, 1983.
Digitally remastered July 2004 by John Vestman (about the time I got these, but they aren’t remastered)
1983-03-05 9:30 Club, Washington DC 1cd/Aud/B/B+
1983-03-18 Radio Geneva, Switzerland 35/FM/A- (I remastered this, but I think it is now availible as extras on one of the new CD re-releases,so…no tirades.
1983-03-26 Markthalle, Hamburg 1cd/Pre FM/A- sounds a tad fast maybe
1983-03-26 Markthalle,Hamburg “Armidillo Beach” LP boot and I probably have another version
1983-04-13 Doornroosje, Nijmegen,NL 1cd/Aud1/B/B+
1983-04-15 Chris CLub, Bordeux, France 76/Aud/B+
1983-04-16 Gigant, Apeldoorn, NL 35/FM1/A
1983-04-23 Xtreems, Brighton 45/Aud/B
1983-04-25 Dingwalls, Sheffield 45/Aud/C
1983-10-01? Sea View Ballroom, Melbourne 75/Aud/B
1983-11-25 Teatro Palladium, Roma 75/AudM/B+
1983-11-28 Vinavil, Imola, Italy 1cd/AudM/B+
1984-08-08 Jetty, Passaic, N.J. 1cd/AudM/B+
1984-08-14 Scorgies, Rochester, NY 1cd/AudM/B+
1984-09-22 Pandora’s Music Box Festival, Rotterdam, NL 1cd/FM/A-
1984-09-30 Markthalle, Hamburg 1cd/AudM/B+
1984-10-13 Paradiso, Amsterdam 1cd/Aud/B+
1984-11-16 ???,Geneva,Sqitzerland 72/Aud/B
1984-11-20 LeLoft, Strausberg,France 1cd/Sbd/A-
1984-11-24 Doornroosje, Nijmegen, NL 1cd/Aud/B+
JLPQ 1985-05-19 Gigant,Apeldoorn,NL 60/B+
JLPQ 1985-06-03 Hammersmith,London 1cd/Aud/B+
JLPQ 1985-10-13 Koln 1cd/Aud
JLPQ 1985-10-15 Stuttgart, Germany 1cd/Aud/B+
JLPQ 1985-10-23 Ritz, Stockholm 79/AudM?/B+
JLPQ 1985-12-03 Zurich
JLPQ 1985-12-04 Otto Zutz Club, Barcelona, Spain 1cd/Aud/B
1986-11-xx Knopf Music Hall, Hamburg 1cd/AudM/B+
1986-11-27 Dusseldorf 1cd/AudM/B+
1986-11-29 Markthalle, Hamburg cd/AudM/B+
1986-12-04 Vera, Groningen, NL 1cd/Aud1/B+
1986-12-05 Effernaar, Eindhoven, NL 1cd/Aud1/B+
1987-04-27 Doornroosje, Nijmegen,NL 1cd/Aud/B+
1987-05-01 Town & Country, London “Horsepower” 1cd/??/B
1987-10-21 Riverside, Newcastle 1cd/Aud/B+
1987-10-30 The Ritz, Stockholm, Sweden 1cd/Aud/B+
1987-11-12 ????, Frankfurt 1cd/AudM/B+
1987-12-14 Metropol, Vienna 35/FM/A
1988-03-20 Rodon CLub, Athens, Greece 1cd/Aud1/B
1988-03-28 9:30 Club, Washington DC 1cd/Aud/B
1988-03-29 Drums, N.Y.C. 1cd/AudM/C
1989-07-17 I-Beam, San Francisco 2cd/AudM/B
1989-09-16 Nightshift, Naugatuck,CT 1cd/Aud1/B+
1989-09-21 9:30 Club, Washington DC 1cd/Aud/B
1990-11-17 Le Transbordeur, Lyon, France 1cd/Pre-FM Master>cdr/A
1993-05-23 Arge Kulturgelande, Salzburg, Austria 15/Sbd/A
1993-05-29 Gruga Halle, Essen, germany froma TV broadcast 1cd/TV > EQ > Flac/A
1994-10-22 Montemarte, Kobehavn, Denmark 1cd/Aud
1994-11-06 Slovensko Mladinskega Gledalisca,Ljubljana,Slovenia w/Cypress Grove 1cd/Aud/
1995-08-30 Viper Room, Los Angeles 1cd/Aud/B+

*********** Iggy Pop & Stooges Related *******

Iggy Pop
1977-03-30 Agora Ballroom, Cleveland, OH 1cd/FM/B+ this date seems to change a lot
1979-09-30 Stardust Ballroom, L.A. 1cd/FM/B+ KROQ Broadcast source might be “Heroin Hates You”?
1979-11-27 Old Waldorf, San Francisco, CA 1cd/Aud/B
1979-11-27 Old Waldorf, San Francisco, CA 1cd/FM/A-
1979-11-29 Old Waldorf, San francisco, CA 1cd/AudM 2 electrovoice re10 microphones > sony tc-d5/B+
1979-10-29 Chicago, IL 1cd/AudM/B lots more Iggy around
1980-09-26 Bookies, Detroit, MI 1cd/FM/A-
1980-xx-xx Zombie Birdhouse outtakes 2cd/Sbd/B
1983-02-12 Keystone, Berkeley, CA 78/SbdM/B+
1983-02-13 Keystone, Palo Alto, CA 68/Pre FM? Master/A-
1983-03-26 Brooklyn Zoo, N.Y.C. 1cd/Aud/
1988-07-18 Phantasy Theater, Cleveland, OH 1cd/AudM/B- Sony WMD-3/Aiwa CM-30A

1970 Complete Fun House Sessions 7cd/Studio/A Too many versions of the same songs(I might make a comp of the better versions)
1972-74 Heavy Liquid Boxset Raw Power Outtakes & Live 6cd set
2002-xx-xx Los ANgeles warm up for Stooges reunion 1cd/Aud/B+
2003-04-27 ATP Festival 1cd/Sbd>LP>Flac/A not sure if this is complete
2003-04-27 2 video sources 1 complete or mostly complete, the 2nd 20min
2007-09-15 La Courneuve, France 1cd/FM Master/A
2007-10-27 Vegoose,Las Vegas 1cd/AudM/A- ADK A-51 TL-MP(10′ stand 70ft from stage) >GraceV2>JB3

*********** Joy Division & New Order *************
1977-1979 Rare Studio & Radio Sessions not on the Boxset 1cd/Sbd/B+ “Remains” SsS
1979-03-14 Bowdon Vale Youth Club, 1cd/Sbd/B+ yes a soundboard
1979-07-27 Imperial hotel, Blackpool 1cd/Aud/B “All God’s Angels Beware”
1979-09-08 Futurama Sci Fi Festival, Leeds 1cd/Aud/B “All God’s Angels Beware”
1979-09-22 Nashville Rooms, London 1cd/Sbd/B+ remasturd
1979-10-11 Rainbow Theater, London 1cd/Aud
1979-10-26 Electric Ballroom, London 1cd/Aud1/B+

1980-01-11 Paradiso, Amsterdam 1cd/Sbd/A-
1980-02-08 University Of London 1cd/Aud/B+ “They Keep Calling Me”-Bootleg CD
1980-04-02 Moonlight Club, London 1cd/Aud/B
1980-04-03 Moonlight Club, London 1cd/Aud/B
1980-04-04 Moonlight Club, London 1cd/Aud/B

*********** King Crimson ************
1981-04-30 Bath DCM release
1981-05-07 Univ.of Manchester, Manchester 1cd/Aud/B
1981-05-08 Liverpool Univ. Liverpool 1cd/Aud/B
1981-05-10 Her Majesty’s Theatre, London 1cd/Aud/B
1981-05-13 Paris 1cd/Aud/B
1981-05-15 Paradiso, Amsterdam 1cd/Aud/B
1981-10-28 Interview at Boylston Motor Lodge Restaurant, Boston 2cd?/AudM/B+
1981-11-03 Warner Theatre, Washington DC
1981-11-04 Painters Mill, Owings Mill, MD 2cd/Aud
1981-12-09 (might be Sept.12) Shibuya Kohkaido, Tokyo 2cd/Aud/B
1982-02-22 Second Chance Saloon, Ann Arbor, MI 2 Sets might have master cdr too?
1982-02-25 Landmark Theatre, Syracuse, NY 2cd/Aud

1982-03-01 Fine Arts Center, University of Massachusetts 2cd/Aud1/B+
1983-04-09 Rehearsals @ Bearsville Studios,New York City 2cd/Sbd/A-
1984-04-07 Agora Theatre, Hartford, CT 2cd/Aud2/B+
1984-06-08 State university, San Diego, CA 97/AudM>DAT>flac/A-
1984-07-05 Orpheum Theatre, Boston, MA 2cd/AudM/B+ Sony ECM919? > D6
1984-07-07 CNE Bandshell, Toronto, Ontario 2cd/Aud/B+
1995-11-18 New Haven, CT 2cd/Aud
1996-07-27 Los Angeles, Ca 2cd/Daud/A-
1996-08-11 Riverbend, Cinncinnati, OH 2cd/Duad/A-
2000-05-19 12th & Porter, Nashville, TN 2cd/
2001-08-05 Hult Center, Eugene, OR 1cd? SPC>Sony D8

*********** Bob Marley **************
1973-05-24 Paris Theatre, Regency,London 1cd/FM>DAT>Flac/A
1975-07-07 San Francisco, CA 1cd/SBD Reel Master>DATs>cdr>EAC> FLAC/A
1975-07-17 London Press Conference
1977-01 to 04-xx Exodus / Kaya Scratch Vocal Demos, Island Studios, London
1977-06-04 Rainbow Theatre, London From Pro Shot Videos Audio 1cd/Sbd/A-
1978-xx-xx Chicao, Illinois new(Nov.2009) uncirc. tape 2cd/AudM or Aud1/B
1978-07-07 Ahoy, Rotterdam, NL 1cd/FM Mster Reel>DAT>CDR>2006 FM analog>wav>Flac/A
1979-04-18 Brisbane Hotel, Brisbane Interview 1cd/Aud/B+
1979-04-25 Festival Hall, Melbourne 1cd/Aud/
1979-04-27 Hoerdern Pavillion, Sydney 1cd/Sbd/A-

*********** Meat Puppets *************

1980-xx-xx(spring) Demos
1980-11-07 Star System, Tempe, AZ 1cd/Aud
1981-09-12 Elite Club, San Francisco, CA 1cd/Aud/B
1981-09-21 Press Club, Los Angeles, CA 1cd/Sbd/B+
1981-11-28 Mabuhay Gardens, San Francisco, CA 1cd/
1981-xx-xx Studio Demos 2cd/Sbd/B+
1982-02-02 Merlin’s, tempe, AZ 1cd/Sbd2/B+
1982-03-16 Salty Dog, Phoenix, AZ 1cd/Sbd2/B+
1983-02-18 Bodies, San Diego, CA 1cd/AudM/B+
1983-02-19 Baccanahl, San Diego, CA 55/AudM/B+
1983-03-26 Madison Square Garden, Phoenix, AZ 38/Sbd/B+
1983-05-27 Bodies, San Diego, CA 1cd/AudM/B+
1983-08-19 Whiskers, Phoenix, AZ 1cd/Sbd/A-
1983-xx-xx Up On The Sun Demos 1cd/Sbd/B+
1984=04-24 Greystone, Detroit, MI 1cd/Aud1/B
1984-05-04 On Broadway, San Francisco, CA Mono & Stereo Versions 1cd/SbdM/B+
1984-06-15 A Boat on the San Pedro Bay, off the Cali coast 1cd/Aud/C
1984-08-14 unknown venue & city 1cd/Aud/C
1984-10-15 Blind Pig, Ann Arbor, MI 1cd/FM master cassette of 1990 rebroadcast>wav>cdr/A
1985-01-05 Gila Monster Festival, Mojave Desert, CA 1cd/AudM/C+
1985-01-16 SNAP Radio, KCRW, Santa Monica, CA 1cd/FM/A
1985-08-12 The Jetty, Hoboken?(Bloomfield),N.J. 1cd/AudM/B
1985-08-17 Peppermint Lounge, N.Y.C. 1cd/AudM/B
1985-10-03 Safari Sam’s, Huntington Beach, CA 1cd/AudM/A- NAK300’s>?
1991-09-xx Cabaret Metro, Chicago 1cd/FM/A

2007-08-26 Record Bar, Kansas City,MO 2cd?/SbdM/A excellent quality
2007-11-08 Double Door, Chicago Earthworks SR77>LunatecV3(@ 48kHz)>Microtrack24/96 /A
2007-10-17 Pianos, N.Y.C. 1cd/AudM/A nyctaper/excellent quality!!!
2007-08-xx ???, NYC 1cd/AudM/A ” ” have info somewhere

*********** The Melvins **************
1985-11-23 Rock Theatre, San Francisco, CA 25/Aud/B-
1986-03-21-5? United Community Theatre?, Seattle 1cd/Aud/B
1986 Wellingtons, Winnipeg, MB 1cd/Sbd/B

1994-03-21 Democrazy, gent 1cd/Sbd/B+ great but some hiss

*********** Mission of Burma *********
1979-05-11 Mass. College of Arts, Boston 35/Sbd/A-
1980-04-20 The Underground, Boston 1cd/Sbd/B+
1980-05-xx Interview for the Boston Rock zine 180/Aud1-2/B-
1980-07-23 Downtown Lounge, Portland, Maine 2cd/AudM(house Deck)/B 3 Sets
1980-09-09 (date questionable) unknown venue,Boston 1cd/Aud/B-
1980-09-21 WERS Studio, Cambridge, MA 30/FM1/A-
1980-11-05 Max’s, N.Y.C. 1cd/Sbd/B+
1981-01-24 Underground, Boston 1cd/Sbd/B+
1981-03-21 Underground, Boston 1cd/
1981-03-22 The Channel, Boston 1cd/Sbd3/B+
1981-07-26 Paradise, Boston 1cd/Aud/B
1982-02-12 Club New York, Lynn, Mass 1cd/FM master cassette/A-
1982-02-13 Union Hall, Cambridge University, Cambridge, MA 1cd/Reel 1st gen>cdr> rebroadcast>cdr/A- not from flac torrent
1982-12-02 Clevelnad,Ohio 1cd/Sbd/B+
1983-03-12 Bradford, Boston, MA 1cd/Aud/B
1983-03-20 City Club, Detroit 1cd/Aud/B-
1990-05-10 WHRB The History of Burma 7cd/FM/A-to B Demos/Interviews/Rare singles of former bands etc…
2002-01-19 Paradise, Boston 2cd/DaudM>cdr/B+
2002-11-23 St.Andrews, Detroit, MI 2cd/DaudM>cdr/B+
2003-02-20 Echo Lounge, Atlanta 2cd/DaudM/A-
2004-04-01 John Kennedy Show, XFM 27/XFM Sat Radio/A
2004-10-16 Cats Cradle, Carrboro, N.C. 2cd/DaudM/A-
2004-11-26 WFNX-FM Q Division Studios, Boston, MA itunes podcast? 40/??/A+
2006-02-06 Bowery Ballroom, N.Y.C. 2cd/AudM/A-
2006-07-15 Black Cat, Washington DC 2cd/AudM/A-
2006-07-28 Majestic, Detroit, MI 2cd/AudM/A-
2006-07-30 Union Park, Chicago 1cd/AudM/B from Fm broadcast?
2006-09-20 Great American Music Hall, S.F. 1dvd/8mm Master/A- very nice
2007-01-13 Irving Plaza, N.Y.C. 2cd/DATM>flac>cdr trade/A-
2008-01-18 Brooklyn, N.Y.C. 1cd/DATM/A-
2008- Detroit, MI 1cd/AudM/A-
2008-09-27 The Independent, San Francsco 1cd/AudM/A-
2009-10-09 East Campus, M.I.T. Boston 3 versions 1-aud, 1-FM, 1 matrix/A-/B+

*********** Mr Bungle ****************
1991-01-13 Berkeley, CA 2cd/AudM remastered/B+
1991-03-03 Omni, Oakland, CA 1cd/Sbd/A Jizzlobber remaster missing macaroni? Flac file is complete
1992-03-26 Cabaret Metro, Chicago 1cd/Sbd/A-
1992-04-01 Spit, Levitown, NYC
1992-04-03 Boston
1992-04-17 Celeberty Theatre, Anaheim, CA 1cd/Aud/B+
1995-12-14 ???, Seattle 1cd/Aud/B+
1995-11-19 Barrymore Theater, Madison, WI 1cd/Aud/B+
1995-11-27 9:30, Washington DC 1cd/Aud/B
1995-12-02 Howlin’ Wolfs, New Orleans, LA 2cd/Sbd/A-
1995-xx-xx Disco Volante Demos
1996-02-26 Koln
1996-02-29 Arapaho, Paris 2cd/AudM/B
1996-03-07 Astoria, London 1cd/Aud/B
1999-08-10 Ground Zero, Spartanburg, South Carolina 1cd/Aud/B+ great show
1999-08-11 Cotton Club, Atlanta, GA 1cd/AudM/B+
1999-08-14 ???< Orlando,Florida 1cd/Aud/B+
1999-08-20 Deep Blue Elum, Dallas 70/Aud/C- prety bad quality and still on cassette
1999-08-28 Phoenix Theatre, Petaluma, Ca 2cd/Aud/B+
1999-10-20 HoB, Las Vegass 2cd/Aud/B+
1999-11-23 HoB, Los Angeles, CA 2cd/Aud
2000-02-02 Minneapolis, MN 1cdSbd/A- have sbd video too
2000-02-04 Modjesca, Milwaukee 35/Aud/B+
2000-02-16 Meropol, Pittsburg 40/Aud/B+
2000-02-20 9:30, Washington DC
2000-02-22 TLA?< Philadelphia
2000-03-18 ???< Melbourne 1cd/Aud/B+
2000-08-17 Frankfurt 2cd/Aud/B+
2000-08-18 Live Music Hall/Pop Komm, Koln 2cd/AudM/A-
2000-08-19 (Day Show) Bizarre Festival 1cd/FM/A+
2000-08-19 Zeche, Bochum 1cd/AudM/A-
2000-08-28 Rockafeller, Oslo 2cd/AudM/A-
2000-08-29 ???, Stockholm 2cd/AudM/A- version I
2000-09-07 ???, Paris 1cd/AudM/A-
2000-xx-xx Sno Core Tour Sampler 1cd/Sbd & Aud/A-

*********** New Order ****************

1980-09-30 Underground, Boston 1cd/Aud/B
1981-03-22 Jenkkinsons Bar, Brighton, UK 45/AudM/B
1981-05-16 L'ancienne, Bruxelles 1cd/Aud/B
1981-05-27 SO36, Berlin 1cd/Aud/B
1981-06-20 Glastonbury Festival 1cd/Aud/B
1981-09-02 Soundcheck, Heaven Disco, London 25/Sbd?/B+
1981-09-23 Polytechnic, Sheffield 1cd/Aud2/B
1981-09-25 ???< Walthamstrow, UK 1cd/Aud2/B
1981-10-26 Ritz, Manchester 1cd/Aud2/B
1981-xx-xx Rehearsals, London 1cd/A–B-
1982-03-10 Cinema, Hull 1cd/Aud2/B
1982-04-15 L'ancienne, Bruxelles 1cd/FM/A-
1982-04-17 LePalace, Paris 1cd/FM/A-
1982-06-22 Rolling Stone, Milano 1cd/FM/B+
1982-12-08 Victoria University, Vicotria 1cd/Sbd/B+
1983-04-11 Coasters, Edinburgh 1cd/Aud
1983-06-19 Nitelife, Austin + soundcheck 2cd/Aud/B+
1983-06-23 Billy Barty's Roller Fantasy, Fullerton, CA 1cd/Aud/B+
1983-07-02 St.Andrews Hall, Detroit 1cd/Aud/B
1984-04-12 Trinity Hall, hamburg
1984-07-01 Roskilde Festival, Denmark 1cd/AudM/B+
1984-07-07 Studio 54, Madrid, Spain 2cd/Sbd/A
1986-11-04 Palace, Hollywood, CA 1cd/Sbd/A
1998-12-30 Peel Session 25/FM/B+

************ Pere Ubu *****************
1976?-1977 "The U-Men" Vinyl Bootleg 1cd/Sbd/A- excellent quality except for some hiss
1975-09-xx & 1976 Rehearsals 1cd/Aud/C+
1976-01-12 ???, Cleveland 1cd/Sbd/B+
1976-05-05 Mistake Club, Cleveland 1cd/AUd/B+
1977-02-27 CBGB, N.Y.C. 1cd/Aud/B
1977-06-09 Pirates Cove, Cleveland 1cd/Aud3/B
1978-05-06 Gigbus, Paris 1cd/Aud/B
1978-07-04 Braten Hall, Cleveland 1cd
1978-10-27 Horseshoe Tavern, Toronto 1cd/Aud/B
1978-11-07 Brunel University 1cd/Sbd/B+
1978-11-18 University of Newcastle, Newcastle 1cd/Aud/B
1978-12-08 College of Printing, London 1cd/Sbd/B+
1978-12-18 Onkel Po's Cardege Hall, Hamburg 1cd/Sbd/B+
1979-01-19 WKSU-FM Kent St., Ohio 2 Versions 20 each/FM/B+
1979-03-02 1st Intn'l Garage Exhibit, Cleveland University 1cd/Sbd/B+
1979-04-09 Second Chance Saloon, Ann Arbor 1cd/FM/B/B+
1979-05-01 The Edge, Toronto 85/Aud/B
1979-05-01 The Edge, Toronto 80/Aud/B w/Int
1979-05-xx ???, Detroit 1cd/Aud/B-
1979-05-04 Gaspars?, Chicago, IL 1cd/AudM/B mono
1979-07-20 Walker Arts Center, Minneapolis 1cd/Aud/B
1979-07-31 Old Waldorf, San Fancisco 80/Aud/B 2 sets
1979-07-29 Main Act, Walker, Mass 1cd/Aud/B
1979-08-04 Whiskey, Los Angeles 1cd/Aud/B
1980-07-29 The Edge, Toronto 85/Aud/B
1980-07-xx Mistake Club, Cleveland 1cd/Aud/B
1980-08-02 Bookies, Detroit 1cd/Aud/C+
1980-08-15 Warfield, San Francisco 1cd/Sbd/A-
1981-02-19 Paradiso, Amsterdam 1cd/Sbd/B+
1981-02-22 Kulturfabrik, Krefield 1cd/Sbd/B+
1981-03-03 Palasporte, Bologna, Italy 1cd/Sbd/B+
1981-12-03 ???shn/A-
1968-12-28 Utrecht, NL
1971-09-30 BBC
1974-11-16 Wembly, London I have several versions of this recording Pre Fm/FM/FM & Aud Matrix….

********* Residents ******************
1969-80 & 83 “19 Mysterious Tracks” Outtakes/Demos/Rehearsals 1cd
1971-xx-xx “Babysex” Unreleased Warner Brothers Album, if they ever were really with Warner Bros, that seems an unlikely partner in business 1cd
1978-xx-xx Eskimo Outtakes
1980-xx-xx Mole Outtakes no vocals
1982-10-25? Roxy, Los Angeles Sbd2/A- (also have some rehearsals, but in mp3)
1982–xx-xx Kabuki Theatre, S.F. mp3
1983-05-28 Frankfurt 1cd/Aud/
1983-05-29 Schumannsaal, Dussledorf 1cd/Aud/B+
1983-05-30 Berlin 1cd/AudM/B+
1983-06-02 Markthalle, Hamburg 1cd/AudM/B+
1983-06-13 Rolling Stone?, Milano 1cd/AudM/B+ (i have a LP boot>cdr of this too)
1983-06-30 Queens Hall, Edinburgh source I 1cd/Aud/B
1983-06-30 Queens Hall, Edinburgh source II 1cd/Aud/B
1986-01-16 Ritz, N.Y.C. 2cd/Aud1/
1986-01-17 Ritz, N.Y.C. 2cd/AudM/
1986-01-21 Spectrum, Montreal 2cd/AudM/
1986-01-26 Michigan Theatre, Ann Arbor 2cd/Aud/B
1986-01-27 Peabodys, Cleveland 2cd each/Aud/B 2 versions
1986-01-31 Lisner Theatre, Washington DC 2cd/AudM/B
1986-02-07 Vic Theatre, Chicago 2cd/Aud1/B+
1986-02-08 Palms, Milwaukee 2cd/AudM/B+
1986-10-03 Tromsoe, Norway
1986-10-05 Oslo FM & Aud versions 2cd/FM2/A 2cd/Aud/B
1987-01-10 Warfield, San Francisco source I Aud/B
1987-01-10 Warfield, San Francisco source II Aud/B
1990-02-13 Royal George Theatre, Chicago, IL 101/Aud1/B+
1990-11-19 Michigan Theatre, Ann Arbor, MI 2cd/Aud/
1997-10-30 Warfield, San Francisco
1999-04-03 Copley Theatre,Boston 2cd/Aud
1999-07-03 Greenstage, Roskilde Festival, Denmark 33/FM/A
2001-02-14 Trocadero, Philadelphia 2cd/Aud
2002-11-11 Variety Playhouse, Atlanta 2cd/Aud/B+
2003-02-03 Warsaw
2010-02-08 The World Cafe, Philadelphia, PA 2 versions 2cd each/Aud Master?B+ 1-Sony D6C ECM102 & Edirol R1
2010-02-16 Turner Hall Ballroom, Milwaukee, WI 2 versions 2cd each/AudM/B+ & B MTII>CA Mics & Zoom H2

********* Roxy Music & Related ********
1972-08-xx Paris Theatre, London 35/Digital Broadcast BBC/MP2/A w/Eno(much more Eno in the mix in this broadcast than other version) have wav conversion too
1972-3 BBC Sessions 2cd/FM/B+
1973 Montreux
1974- Berlin
1976-xx-xx “Silk Circles” 2xLP bootleg rare 1cd/Sbd/A-
1976-03-xx Hempstead, N.Y. 1cd/FM 2 versions 1-cd boot/B+ 2- cass of FM broadcast>remaster/A/A+
1980-xx-xx Wembly, London 2cd/FM/A-

********* Snakefinger ****************

1979 Radio Interview for release of The Spot 7″ Los Angeles 10/FM/B
1979-08-11 Boarding House, San Francisco 35/aud?/B
1979-12-03 Boarding House, San Francisco 35/Sbd?/B+ have all info somewhere
1980-09-xx Victoria Theatre, unknown city 1cd/Aud/B- a guy in crowd sound american
1981-03-05 The Stone, San Francisco 1cd/Sbd/A-
1981-03-15 ???, Melbourne 1cd/Sbd/A-
1981-03-24 ???, Nancy, France 1cd/Aud/B
1981-04-08 Uilenstede, Amsterdam 1cd/FM/A
1981-10-03 Starship, Milwaukee
1981-10-09 ???, Toronto 1cd/Aud/B
1981-10-10 Casablnca Club, Rochester, NY 1cd/Aud/
1981-10-30 ???, Houton 1cd/Sbd/B+ + Interview
1982-01-09 ???, Los Angeles 1cd/Aud/B
1982-01-15 ???, San Francisco 1cdFM/A
1982-04-16 Starship, Milwaukee 1cd/Aud/B
1982-04-20 Merlyns, Madison, WI 1cd/Aud/ B
1982-04-25 Nickleodeon, Toronto 1cd/Aud1/B
1982-05-02 CBGB Sennheiser Mics 1cd/AudM/B mono
1982-05-05 NYC 1cd/AudM/B mono
1982-05-08 NYC 1cd/AudM/B mono
1982-05-11 Marble Bar, Baltimore, MD 1cd/Aud/B
1982-05-12 NYC 1cd/AudM/B mono
1985-xx-xx West End, Chicago 1cd/Sbd/B+ not the 1986 show
1986-xx-xx Chicago
1987-04-12 West End, Chicago 1cd/Aud1/B
1987-04-27 9:30 Club, Washington DC 1cd/Aud/B
1987-06-06 Melkweg, Amsterdam 1cd/Aud/B+
1980’s outtakes/Demos 2 different sets

********* Suicide

1977-04-xx ????, N.Y.C 1cd/Aud/
1978-03-31 CBGB, N.Y.C. 1cd/Aud/
1978-04-01 CBGB, N.Y.C. 1cd/Aud/
1978-09-27 Hurrah, N.Y.C. 1cd/Aud/
1978-11-03 CBGB, N.Y.C. 1cd/Aud/
1978-11-04 CBGB, N.Y.C. 1cd/Aud/
1979-02-06 Mudd Club, N.Y.C. 1cd/Aud/
1979-04-07 CBGB, N.Y.C. 1cd/Sbd1/A
1979-07-21 Club 57, N.Y.C. 1cd/Aud/
2009-09-11 ATP, N.Y.C. 1st LP in full 1cd/AudM/B+ (where’s the WFMU recording?!!)

********* Talking Heads ***************
1975-11-xx CBS Demos 1cd/Sbd/A
1976-1980 Studio Outtakes 1cd/Sbd/A-
1977-11-01 Rose Room,Student Center, Rutgers Univ, New Brunswick, N.J. 1cd/Sbd/A-
1977-12-03 Old Waldorf?, San Francisco, CA 1cd/Pre FM/A
1978-12-12 Park West, Chicago, IL 1cd/Aud1/B mono just in circulation 11/2009 There is a FM broadcast of this show too
1979-08-24 Berklee Performing Arts, Boston, MA 1cd/Pre-FM/A
1979-09-16 ???, San Francisco, Ca 1cd/FM/
1979-09-29 Las Vega, NV 1cd/Sbd/A-
1980-xx-xx Mosport 1cd/Sbd
1980-11-15 Orpheum Theatre, Boston, MA 1cd/Aud1/B+
1980-12-11 Ahoy, Rotterdam, NL 1cd/FM/A
1983-08-03 Saratoga, Florida 2cd/SbdM/A

********* Stevie Ray Vaughan ***********
1978-xx-xx Unreleased LP 1cd/Sbd/A
1980-07-22 Kings Inn, Norfolk, VA 2 sets 2cd/FM/A- each set diff. songs
1981-08-31 or 1981-09-01 Desperatos, Washington DC 1cd/AUd/B+
1981-10-14 Fitzgeralds, Houston, TX 2cd/Aud/B+ “Force Of Nature (Part 1)” CD boot
1982-02-28 Fitzgeralds, Houston, TX 1cd/Aud/B+
1982-12-18 Fitzgeralds, Houston, TX 1cd/Aud1/B+
1983-10-30 Palace, Hollywood, CA 1cd/FM/A

********* Wire ************************

1977-05-04 EMI Studios, London? 15/Sbd/B+
1977-06-03 Winter Gardens, London 1cd/Aud/B-
1977-08-12 Riverside Studios 45/Sbd/B+
1978-02-17 Pavillion, West Ruton(Cromer), North Norfolk 51/Aud/B-
1978-07-28 CBGB, N.Y.C. + Demos “Not About To Die” boot 1cd/FM-sbd/B
1978-07-28 CBGB, N.Y.C. 1cd/FM/B+ WPUX Broadcast
1978-10-xx & 1978-11-xx Grah,s Practice Tape 90/Sbd/B+
1978-10-25 Bradford University 50/Sbd/B+
1978-10-26 Limit Club, Sheffield 1cd/Sbd/B+
1978-11-10 SO36 Club, Berlin 30/Sbd/B+
1978-12-11 Riverside Studio, London 1cd/Sbd/B+
1978-12-xx Riverside Rehearsal 1cd/Sbd/A- (not sureif this is same as above or not)
1979-02-14 Rockpalast, Germany TV from video? 1cd/Sbd/A-
1979-02-19 Queens Hall, Barnstable, UK 1cd/Aud/B-/C+
1979-02-20 Metro, Plymouth, UK 1cd/Aud/B-/C+
1979-03-07 Palais d’ Congres, Montreux, Switzerland 1cd/FM/B
1979-03-09 “Live In London” 7″ boot 15/Sbd/B+
1979-03-09 TTTP (Take a Terrifying Trip to the Past) 7″ boot 15/Sbd/B+ same show as above(paris?)
1979-07-19 Notre Dame Hall, London 1cd/Sbd/A- (some songs on Doc & Eyewitness LP)
1979-11-10 Jean Cochrane Theatre, London 45/Sbd/B-
1980-02-xx Rehearsals, London 45/Sbd/B+

1987-06-19 St.Andrews Hall, Detroit 1cd/Aud/B
2000-05-02 G.A.M.H., San Francisco 1cd/Aud/C+
2000-05-04 El Rey Theatre, Los Angeles 66/Aud/B+
2000-05-06 Showbox, Seattle 1cdr/CSC(stelth)>Sony TCD-D7/B+
2000-05-28 The Garage, London 1cd/Aud/B
2002-07-20 ICA, London 51/Aud/B+
2002-09-08 El Rey theatre, Los Angeles 1cd/AudM/B+
2002-09-11 Crystal Ballroom, Portland, OR 39/AudM/B+
2003-04-10 Interview in London 1cd/FM/A
2003-04-25 ???, Hxton, UK 1cd/DaudM/B+
2003-04-26 Barbican, London 1cd/AudM/B+ Pink Flag in order and then 2nd set
2003-06-28 Abbey Pub, Chicago 1cd/AudM/B analog master/some clipping/stand alone burner

********* Yes *************
1968-1971 BBC Radio Sessions 2cd/FM/B “Lost Years”
1971-07-24 The Yale Bowl, New Haven CT 1cd/Sbd Master Reel > cdr>flac/A-
1972-01-21 Concertbowl, Amsterdam, NL 1cd/Aud/B+ “The White Yes Album”
1977-09-26 Long Beach Arena, Long Beach, CA 2cd/AudM/A- Mike Milliard Master, very nice recording
1977-11-07 Glasgow, Scotland diff show than below 2cd/Aud/B
1977-11-08 Glasgow, Scotland 2cd/Sbd from video/B-
1978-10-06 The Forum, Inglewood, CA 2cd/Aud1/B Sony TCD5M and Sennheiser MKH-404 Mic

********* JAZZ SHOWS ******************

Bobby McFerrin
1980-06-21 Hollywood Bowl
1992-xx-xx Montreux, Switzerland

George Adams & Don Pullen Quartet
1981-03-22 Vienna 1cd/FM/A

Dizzy Gillespi
1978-07-12 Nice, France FM w/Leo Konitz

Charlie Parker w/C.Mingus
7/26/53 Open Door,N.Y.C. 2cd/?/B+

Charlie Parker 9/18/49 Carnegie Hall,N.Y.C. 1cd/?/? disc might not be burnable,cracked
3/1946 Finale Club, Los Angeles w/Miles Davis
3 or 4/1951 Birdland,NYC VOA 26
1952-06-16 Tradewinds Club, Inglewood, CA 1cd/Sbd/A-

Charles Mingus:
1960-07-13 Antibes,France 1cd/?/?
1960-1-xx-xx Birdland Sessions 3cd
1961-07-13 Antibes, France 1cd/Sbd/A-
1964-04-18 Sallewagram, Paris 2cd/Sbd/AM/B+
1964-04-17 Sallewagram,Paris 2cd/Sbd/A- might only have disc II with me in NJ
1972-04-15 Village Vanguard, N.Y.C. 1cd/Aud/B+
1972-07-20 Nice, France
1972-08-14 Ronnie Scotts, London
1975-11-13 Belgrade, Yugoslavia 2 versions 1 mp2 digital broadcast and the other is plain FM excellent George Adams!!!!
1975-04-17 Village Vanguard, N.Y.C. 1cd/Aud/B+
1975-07-09 Postaula, Bremen, Germany soundboard
1975-07-14 Pescara Festival, Italy w/a Don Cherry set from 7/13 1cd/Aud/B
1975-11-12 Belgrade, Yugoslavia 2 sources 1 song/FM/A- 30/MP2 from Digital Brdcst/A
1978-08-16 Montmarte, Kobehavn, Denmark FM>2-track, 7œ ips master reels>Revox A-77

Eric Dolphy
1961-07-16 Five Spot,N.Y.C. + 9/6/61 Kobehavn,Danmark
1964-xx-xx “Last Recordings

Hugh Masakela
2000-07-02 High Sierra Music Festival, Plumas County Fairgrounds, Quincy CA

Global Unity Orchestra
1973-04-04 Stuttgart 1cd/FM

Roland Kirk
1966-12-21 Radiohusets Studio, Copenhagen

Miles Davis
1969-11-09 Rotterdam “Lost Quintet” remastered
1970-10-15 Fillmore,S.F.
1970-02-21 Ann Arbor 1cd/Sbd

McCoy Tyner
1973-07-14 Pori, Finland
1973-12-11 Jazz Workshop,Boston 1cd/FM>Reel 1st gen>flac
1976-09-17 Ratso’s, Chicago WXRT-FM 1cd/master cass or FM1/A

Billy Higgins
1998-07-14 Umbria Jazz Festival, Perugia, Italy FM

Sonny Rollins
1965-10-30 Berlin 1cd/FM
1963-xx-xx “Rollins Meets Cherry Vol.2” (Moon CD) w/Billy HIggins & Don Cherry
1968-xx-xx Ronnie Scotts, London w/Ronnie Scott-sax

Stan Getz
1966-11-04 Philharmonie,Berlin “Berliner Jazztage 1966” MP2 Digital broadcast

Fela Kuti
1986-11-07 The Fox,Detroit 3cd/Aud Master 24/48/B+ sony 959>sony wmd6 w/Art, tic stub, Flyer
1978-11-14 unknown venue, Berlin 1cd/Aud/B/B+
1981-xx-xx Capt. Video,Paris 2cd/Aud1?/B/B+

Don Cherry
1965-71 Scandinavian Radio Session 1cd/FM/A
1968 NY Total Music Company, Frankfurt FM
1982 radio Station promo 2min/FM/B+

George Russell Sextet
1964-10-01 Salle Pleyel, Paris Sbd?

John Coltrane
12 cdr set/Sbd/A-/B+ ‘Live Trane Underground” Fall 1962 *
11/22/62 Falkonercentret,Kobehavn,Danmark 1cdr/Sbd/A-/B+ i have this in NJ
11/28/62 Stephaniensaal, Graz, Austria 120/FM/A-

Thelonious Monk Quartet
1948-02-16 NYC WNYC Broadcast

Max Roach Quintet
1957-01-xx Cafe Bohemia, NY

Lester Bowie’s Brass Fantasy 9/06/92 Chicago Jazz Festival 1cd/FM/A

Dexter Gordon
1962-11-24 Oslo
1975-10-01 Yubin Chokin Hall, Tokyo
1977-06-10 Sandy’s Jazz Revival Bar, Beverly, Mass 1cd/FM or Pre FM/A?
1979-12-31 Village Vanguard, N.Y.C. WRVR-FM
1982-12-xx Keystone Korner or Kimball’s East, S.F. area 1cd/Sbd/A-

Alexander Von Schlippenbach
1966-11-03 Philharmonie (Berliner Jazztage 1966, first concert),Berlin 1cd/FM/A-

Sun Ra
1968-04-xx Electric Circus,NYC 2cd/Aud?/B+? only have disc II in NJ
1971-05-04 UC Berkeley Lecture, 3rd class 1cd/ Stereo Aud?/B+ “Lost Reels Collection Vol.1” Disc II
1971-06-10 The Warehouse, S.F. 1cd Aud(mono master) “Lost Reels Collection Vol.1” Disc I
1971-summer Native Son, Berkeley, Ca “Lost Reels Collection Vol.2” Disc I 1cd
1972-xx-xx unknown venue & location “Lost Reels Collection Vol.2” Disc II 1cd
1972?-x-xx “The Shadows Took Shape” unknown venue & city 2cd/ Transparency 0303
1974-12-xx Rehearsals, San Francisco, CA “Dance of the Living Image” 96min
1978-09-25 Happy Medium Disco, Chicago 2cd/Sbd>cass1?>DAT2>Flac/A-
1980-01-25 Haverford College, Haverford, PA w/Walt Dickerson 1cd/Sbd/B+
1984-10-31 Lush Life, N.Y.C. 178/Audx/B+
1985-07-24 ?????
1988-09-01 Montreaux Jazz Festival,Hart Plaza,Detroit 3cdr/FM/A/A-
1989-09-28 9:30 Club, Washington DC 3cd/Aud Master>flac/
1992-03-21 Kobehavn, Denmark 103/Aud/ SonyECM929 > D6 never circulated b4 1/30/2008

**** Blues / Zydeco ******************

“I Found a Rose in the Devil’s Garden”
1917-1922 Old Jazz Cylinders(Edison cylinders>WAV>FLAC) 2-3cdr/??/C- non lossy

“I Found a Rose in the Devil’s Garden”
1917-1939 Old Jaz Cylinders(78 rpm transfers arefrom the 78rpm Collection at archive.org) Non lossy

Tommy Bolin
1971-08-xx w/Energy & Big Mama Thorton unknown venue & city 12:13/Sbd/B+

1996-05-05 Beal Street Music Festival, Memphis 1cd/

Rev.Gary Davis
1968 Docs Living Room Dinner Party, Denver 2cd/Reel Aud Master/A- great rec’d of Gary talking and playing after having dinner at Selfdocs home

Bo Diddley
1970 w/B.Mitchell 2 songs/Aud/C+
1996-08-17 Majestic, Detroit, MI Sbd/A
1999-xx-xx Irving Plaza, N.Y.C. 1cd/DaudM/A-

Arthur “Big Boy” Crudup 1969 Tea Party, Boston 2 sets/Sbd/B+

Big Mama Thorton 1970-xx-xx Berkeley, CA + Kansas City, MO 1964/65

Buddy Guy
1992-07-09 Montreux Festival, Switzerland 1cd/FM/A

Buddy Guy & Junior Wells
1984-11-14 Lone Star Cafe, N.Y.C. Sbd Master cass > Reel > Flac/A-

Etta James & The Roots Band
2003-07-06 Waterfront Blues Festival, Portland, OR 1cd/NAK CM-300’s w/ CP-1 Cards>D8/A-

Junior Wells
1966-09-16 Club 47, Cambridge, Mass 2cd/Sbd/TV?/A-

Hound Dog Taylor
1973-09-09 Blues Fest. Ann Arbor, MI 1cd/Sbd/B+

John Lee Hooker
1985-06-23 Polo Fields,Golden Gate Park,SF 1cd/Sbd/A

Clifton Chenier
1979-04-12 Joyous Lake, Woodstock, NY 2cd/AudM/B+ SonyTC158 >ECM2.2 Mics >EQ >Flac very nice
1980-xx-xx The High Country, Santa Cruz, CA 1cd/Sbd2>flac/A
1980-xx-xx KFAT-FM Santa Cruz, CA 1cd/FM Reel>Flac/A
1980-08-31 Bumpershoot Festival, Seattle 1cd/FM/A-

Lightnin Hopkins
1977-05-13 Palladium, N.Y.C. Aud/B
1981-04-10 Tramps, N.Y.C. 1cd/Aud
1981-12-01 Tramps, N.Y.C. 1cd/TV/B+

Magic Sam
1969-xx-xx Mandrake’s Oakland, CA 80/Sbd/A-

Otis Rush
1978-07-04 Village Vanguard, N.Y.C.
1983-01-31 Wax Museum?, Washington DC 1cd/AudM/B+ Sony equip.
1985-02-02 Biddy Mulligan’s Chicago 1cd/WXRT-FM/A-
1997-05-18 Wichita Blues Festival, Witchita(sic),KS

Stevie Ray Vaughan
1980-07-22 Kings head, Norfolk, Virgina 1cd/FM/A-
1982-02-18 Fitzgeralds, Houston, TX 2cd/Aud
1983-10-30 Hollywood 1cd/FM/A
1983-12-13 Austin City Limits, Austin, TX 1cd/Sbd/A

Muddy Waters
1968-xx-xx Paris, France 1cd/Sbd/A-

Buckwheat Zydeco
2009-09-05 Burning Stones Plaza, Copper Moutain, Colorado 1cd/AudM/A- CA-11’s(omni caps)> ST9000 > Edirol R9HR

***** Reggae **********************

King Tubby’s Hi Fi w/U-Roy
1975-06-xx Kingston, Jamaica 1cd/Sbd?/B- 2 tracks/ kind of rough

Hugh Mundell
1981-xx-xx Paris 1cd/Sbd/A-

***** Avant/Techno – Ambient – Electronic(a)- Non Catagorized ******
2008-07-24 21 Grand, Oakland, CA 1cd/AudM Sony D50

Jon Hassell & Brian Eno – 1981-11-14 OCA, Toronto, Ontario 1cd/Aud/B

Alva Noto(Carsten Nicolai) + Ryuichi Sakamoto + Ensemble Modern
2007-11-16 Nationaltheater Mannheim 76/AudM/A-

Ikue Mori & Sylvie
2000-05-22 Vision Festival, N.Y.C.

Holger Czukay
2004-05-15 Subterrainian, Chicago, IL 2cd/Analog Master>flac>wav>cdr/A-

***** Bluegrass ********************

Bill Monroe
1966-05-04 Gaslight Cafe, NYC
1967-02-13 Memorial Union Theater, Univ.of Wisconsin, Madison,WI Sbd Master Reel>DAT>flac/A
1966-06-20 Tex Logan’s Home, Madison,N.J. 3cd/Sbd/A

Kentucky Colonels
1964-04-16 The Cabale, Berkeley

The Legendary Hillbilly Jazz Band
1975-04-05 Exit / In, Nshville,TN

The Dillards
1965 Golden Bear, Huntington Beach, CA sbd

***** Spoken Word – Comedy – Whatever *******

“Psychedelic Radio Ads” 1960’s – 8cd/FM/AM/?

Talking Heads BBC Documentary – Interesting 1980’s 1dvd/TV/B+

“Hammer Songs” 1939 Songs by men on Chaingangs inthe south 1cd/AudM?/C

Allen Ginsberg
1993-02-19 Fountain Street Church, Grand Rapids, MI 2cd/Public Access dvd>audio extracted>wav/A-


********************** VIDEOS ********************************

45 Grave 1988 Huntington Beach, CA avi 1cdr/Pro/B- gen’d
2009-09-xx Portland, Oregon 1dvd/AudM/B+

Adam & The Ants 1981-10-08 Sun Plaza Hall, Tokyo 1dvd/ProTV/A

Black Flag 1982 unknown city in Michigan 6min/Aud/B- no audio 8mm

Blondie 1975 CBGB 1 song man, Debbie is so pretty!

*************BUTTHOLE SURFERS***************
11/11/84 The Scott & Gary Show 1dvd/Cable TV Master>VHS1>dvd/A
1985-01-05 Ritz, Austin 1dvd
1985-08-25 City Gardens, Trenton, NJ 2 versions 1dvd each 1 pre production.2 post production Sbd audio
7/28/87 Cat Club, N.Y.C. 1dvd/Aud2/B+
11/07/87 Variety Arts Center, Los Angeles 2dvd/master Aud?/B+
2008-12-12 Webster Hall, NYC 2dvd/AudM/B+

Capt. Beefheart 1968-74 Trout Mask Era promos,clis, commercials etc… 1dvd
1966-1973 “If You Got Ears” various TV footage 1dvd

Devo 1977 Max’s, NYC
1977 Crypt, Akron, Ohio
1977 MKC
1978-10-28 Press Conference
1981-11-02 Press Conference, Italian TV

Dick Sale 1995-10-12 9:30 Club, Washington DC 1dvd/AudM/B+

Dream Syndicate 1985-xx-xx La Edad de Oro”(The Age of Gold) Madrid, Spain 1dvd/VHS Master/A-

Gwar 1994-10-15 Newark, N.J. 1dvd/Aud/B+

Gun Club 1984-11-xx La Edad de Oro” Mardrid, Spain TV braodcast 1dvd/VHS Master/A-

Helios Creed – 3/21/1990 Hell’s Kitchen, Los Angeles 1dvd/Aud/B/B+

Killing Joke 1981-xx-xx Firenze, Italy 1dvd/Aud/B+
1981-xx-xx Eastside Club, Philadelphia, PA 1dvd/AudM/B+ B&W mono audio nice
1985 Denmark TV/A

The Kinks – 1965 Paris B&W 1dvd/TV?B+

1978 “What’s On” Birmingham,UK w/Buzzcocks video too 1dvd/TV/B+
2009 Jools Holland Show UK TV 1dvdd/TV/A+

Meat Puppets 6/xx/83 Rehearsals, Phoenix,AZ 1dvd/Aud/B
2/14/85 Mason Jar, Phoenix, AZ 1dvd/Aud/B

Melvins 2001-05-05 Bopttleneck, Lawernce, Kansas 1dvd/Aud1/B+

1995-12-18 Warfield Theatre, S.F. 2dvd/Aud/B+ nice low gen version
1996-11-02 The Roxy, Brisbane, Australia 1dvd/Aud

Nash The Slash – 1994 “Psychedelitron” 1dvd/TV/B+

New Order(1980’s)
1981-04-01 Riverside VHS master>dvd
1981-05-27 SO36, Berlin 1dvd
1983-01-04 Switch TV Show

New York Dolls 1973-08-26 Max’s & 1974 Club 82, NYC 1dvd B&W Killer!

Public Image limited 1980-04-20 NYC incomplete

Pussy Galore 1989 Ft.Worth,Texass 1dvd/Aud/B

Ramones 1975 Arturo’s Loft, NYC 1dvd

The Residents
1983-xx-xx “Arrive in Canada”
2008 Bunny Boy video very short(1-2 songs) camera footage

Snakefinger – 1987-05-23? Berkeley, CA 1dvd/Aud/B+

Talking Heads 1978-05-10 My Fathers Place, N.Y.C. 1dvd/Aud 1cam zooms on David mostly/B
Trio – 1982-05-18 Alabamahalle, Munchen, Germany 1dvd/TV/A-

Throbbing Gristle 2009-04-26 Chicago, ILL 1dvd/AudM/B+

Velvet underground 1993-06-05 London 1dv/Aud/B

The Who 1973 Cow Palace, S.F. Pro Shot 1dvd

**** Documentary & Compilations**************
“A History of DC Punk” GI, Faith, Bud Bains, Rites of Spring, MT, Dag Nasty, Fugazi, SOA, Slicklee Boys, Void etc…

Angry Samoans – “True Documentary” 1dvd

Crass – There is No Authority, But Yourself” 1dvd
Target Videos “Underground Forces” Vol.1-8 most of these are from master vhs tapes 8dvd’s (also have a few other Target video that overlap these mostly)

Decline of Western Civilization

Duane Peters “Who Cares” Pro skater & punk dude who has died

Jimi Hendrix 1967 Offenback, germany short

Kraftwerk 2009 Hurricane Festival Pro TV avi? small file

“Punking Out” 1970’s made footage of the scnesters at CBGB(lots of drinking) 1dvd/Semi Pro/B+

SST Promo Videos Late 1980’s-Sonic Youth, Meat Puppets, Black Fag, Bad Brains, Firehose, Negitveland, Dino Jr., Divine Horsemen etc…

SST Tour video 1985-03-01 Stone, S.F. Meat Puppets, Minutemen, Sac Trust, Husker Du, SWA 1dvd

Krautrock BBC Doc.2009 avi

US Psychedelics Vol.II 1960’s videos lots of good Psych Pop bands

Wonderland 1977 doc on punk